10 Adventure Routes for Adrenaline Hunters

People love to spend vacation on the beach or going all around the city to see all the beautiful picture. But on the other hand there are some vacationers who hunt for adrenaline and thrill.

So if you are looking for an adventure route on your trip here are 10 suggestions for adrenaline hunters.

10. Glass Walkway – China

Glass walkway is a skywalk bridge in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, above the Wulingyuan area. The bridge, built as an attraction for tourists, is glass-bottomed and is transparent. When it opened it was the longest and tallest glass bottomed bridge in the world.

9. Troll Wall – Norway

For those who have long dreamed of BASE jumping this is the perfect location. The Troll Wall is Europe’s tallest vertical mountain wall and incorporates Europe’s longest climbing route, where adventurous climbers spend the night in the mountain wall.

8. Diving With Sharks – California, the Bahamas, Cuba, Australia

Adrenaline is guaranteed when you look how a shark moves, opens its incredible jaws, and takes fish straightforwardly from the hands of the intructor. You additionally will not miss the shark’s attention: it will keep on swimming above you while you’re watching it. Particularly camera-ready ones will gaze straight into the camera for you to a few marvelous shots.

7. Hammock in the sky – The Alps

Some people can literally fall asleep anywhere. Including in a hammock suspended thousands of feet in the air. It sounds like an adventure alright, especially if you’re a restless sleeper.

6. Madidi National Park – Bolivia

Madidi National Park is located in the northeastern part of Bolivia along the upper Amazon river basin. Everything literally creates a danger in this park when in order to survive, each species of living organism in this place has developed its own poison. You may explore things on your own, or you may engage one of the local guides who will both increase the understanding of the area while also providing a great sense of security.

5. Caminito del Rey – Spain

This location is for the people who for sure don’t like to take an easy path. El Caminito del Rey is a walkway, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Ardales in the province of Málaga, Spain. The unique experience of strolling along walkways hanging over 100 meters up on a sheer cliff face. The views are unforgettable.

4. Devil’s Pool – South Africa

This location is for those people who don’t like a normal pool. After thousands of years of erosion, many rock pools have formed near the great Victoria Falls – and one of them… right on the very edge! It offers dramatic and unforgettable views.

3. Water slide – USA

If you want to fill a heart-pumping thrill this water slide is perfect. The water ride attraction features two dueling 240-foot slides and launches riders into a 70-degree water plunge and takes you to a free fall at a speed of 26 feet per second to splash into the water.

2. Encierro – Spain

For those who like to run fast this location may be the perfect one. It’s a national Spanish custom, the essence of which is to run away from bulls, cows, or calves specially released from a corral. There are wooden barriers so if you are tired of running you can crawl or jump over them and you are safe. Be careful!

1. Trolltunga – Norway

Getting some great photos and beating the fear of heights is a great thing to do on Trolltunga, Norway. At an altitude of 604 m above sea level and there’s an unusual cliff. Norwegians claim the shape of the cliff is just like the tongue of mythical trolls, and this is why this place got such a name. The most courageous people manage not only to stand on the edge but also to jump on there.