10 Apps Everyone Should Download

The best thing about smartphones is the fact they are miniature computers. Sure they can call and text like you would expect a phone to do, but they can also help with calendars, navigation and, well, you can get any information you need right at your fingertips. Some of the apps we find searching at Play Store or App Store make sense, while others are part of the category of “why does this exist at all?” Given that we all see the world a bit differently, it is up to us to figure out what belongs in which category.
Sorting through them all can be a challenge because there are nearly 6 million apps to choose from and that is why we have compiled a list of 10 apps everyone should have on their phone.


This one is only useful if you have a Netflix account and if you do then you will want it on your device. It is great for watching movies and TV shows. Netflix accounts allow you to use up to four devices at a time, so while your kids are watching “High School Musical,” you can use your app to watch “Narcos” on your phone or tablet.


There are a lot of applications that will allow you to stream music, yet the best part about Spotify is the means by which it will permit you to make your own playlist from an apparently interminable library of songs. Or then again, on the off chance that you are in the mood to listen to new stuff, you can set a station that will play a few tunes you know with others you may not.

8.Food delivery apps

Hungry? Most likely. Yet, then, at that point you understand you’re stuck busy working or home with no real way to get food! Thank heavens for food delivery applications!
Be it Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash, GrubHub or one of different choices, there isn’t anything amiss with having food carried directly to you.

7.Banking app

No, this is not a specific app, but a reminder that if you have not downloaded your bank’s app, you should. No matter if it’s Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Capital One, Chase or whatever, there will be a banking app for you.
Banking apps have various features, but most will allow you to view your accounts and make transfers .Having a banking app downloaded, you almost never have to actually walk into your local branch!


This application is a must for all the creative girls and guys out there. If you need some inspiration for your next project or home decoration , this app is going to be a huge help just in a few seconds . There you can find articles about travel, fashion , crafts , art and many more. We guarantee, the time will pass without even noticing.


Always be prepared to shop.
No one can tell when the thought or need to buy something will strike, which is the reason it is a great idea to approach Amazon consistently. With the application you can without much of a stretch quest for anything you’d have the option to discover with your PC.
The application’s show is pleasant and it is easy to utilize. Simply sign in with your typical record data and get to shopping.


The spot to go in the event that you are searching for music or videos, YouTube is totally an unquestionable requirement have for any cell phone. You will discover everything from the newsy and instructive to clever and cute.
With a sign in, your versatile YouTube can have similar memberships and history as your work area adaptation, making it simple to go from one to the next without thinking twice.

3.Google Maps

Face it, nobody stops to ask headings and when was the last time you unfurled a guide?
Getting around can be troublesome on the off chance that you don’t actually have the foggiest idea where you’re going. There are a lot of applications that can help, some of which even come pre-introduced with our telephones.
However, in the event that you are searching for steady execution, Google Maps is the most ideal choice. Not exclusively will it give headings, however you can likewise get more data about places you might be keen on going, like evaluations, surveys and photographs.


Individuals impart diversely and get their report from an assortment of sources, however Twitter is useful for both. The application has changed a considerable amount since its start, as it currently permits 280 characters for every “tweet” (contrasted with 140 preceding). As we as a whole know, it’s President Trump’s favored strategy for correspondence!
Twitter is one of the head approaches to get data and is particularly helpful during breaking news occasions. Police offices, Fire offices and news associations have gotten dependent on Twitter to share up to the moment data with people in general. Ensure you’re following the notable individuals in your space so you’ll generally understand what’s going on.


Set forth plainly, Yelp is the go-to application for audits. It covers everything from cafés and bars to movers, exercise centers, cleaners and bounty more. Cry’s clients rate and give notes on places, giving you a certifiable glance at people’s opinion about them.