10 Biggest Disney Movie Mistakes You Probably Missed

You would think that creating entire digital movie sets one pixel at a time or drawing every frame of animation would make it easier to avoid mistakes or accidents. But some of the most well-known Disney animated movies have incredible mistakes that fans probably never noticed. Until now.

10. Moana

The heart-warming animation, Moana , for sure is one of Disney’s best new endeavors, but did you catch some visual mistakes? The most obvious is the scene where the fish gets washed ashore. This is because if you look closely, the prints left by the scaly little friend suddenly disappear in the next shot.

9. Pocahontas

A major mistake can be seen in the famous ’90s animated movie Pocahontas. If you look closely in the scene where Pocahontas and her mate approach a camp while holding hands, you’ll see that their shadows depict something different. Their silhouettes show no contact between the two, which is quite a huge mistake to make.

8. Zootropolis

Get your hawk-eye at the ready for this alarming mistake from Zootropolis. In the scene where Judy answers the phone to her parents, the time at the top of the device clearly says 8:40. However, despite the conversation only lasting a couple of minutes, the time on the phone then states 9:44. Now that’s seriously messing with the numbers.

7. The Jungle Book

There’s nothing like self-mending items, but it looks like they only exist in animated movies. The Jungle Book is the perfect example. During a scene Colonel Hathi is giving his army a once over and he rests his huge weight on a stick. As a result the stick snaps. Despite this, the stick is back to normal in the following shots. The self-fixing branch? Yeah, not so much.

6. Tangled

Even though Tangled is certainly enchanting, it’s not mistake free. An example of this is during the movie’s finale. This is the scene where Flynn is being held in captivity. His wrists are shackle-free in the scene, yet in the next shot, they’re tied up. Make up your mind Disney!

5. The Lion King

This Lion King mistake is really trashy. In the scene where Timon spins around, he’s wearing a purple lei and a flower. But, surprisingly, he’s not wearing either of the two at the start of the shot. We can sort of forgive some issues between different shots, but all in the same shot? Not really.

4. Aladdin

Aladdin continues to be a popular film among kids. However, did you spot the awful mistake when Jasmine is locked up by Jafar ? As she tries to fool Jafar into thinking she’s now under his control, a gold bracelet appears to be on her right arm. But when the villain pushes her to the ground, the jewelry strangely moves to her left arm. Weird, right?

3. Cinderella

They must have lost attention during the making of the iconic animation Cinderella. Because during the carriage ride for the wedding, Cinderella and Prince Charming are shown staring affectionately at each other. However, the dress that she wears covers her arms in the first shot, while completely clothing them in the following. Maybe she’s just a quick changer.

2. Mulan

Okay, it’s reasonable that if your backside catches fire, you never think of throwing hot liquid on yourself. Well ,the makers of Mulan went against that in the most illogical way. When the Matchmaker’s back is on fire, Mulan decides to throw tea over her face and amazingly manages to extinguish the flame.

1. The Little Mermaid

Our number one pick is a breathtaking error found in The Little Mermaid. Remember the touching boat journey? Well, a reflection of Ariel is shown on the water – one which shows her hair as being in a ponytail even though her locks are flowing loose. Disney, we love you with all your errors and mistakes.