10 Bizarre Sculptures Around The World

 “The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” – Picasso. Well that’s a great quote that art has it’s own world and mind. So here are 10 bizarre sculptures around the world that prove this statement.

10. Man and Skull, Prague

This sculpture, supposed to be inspired by a character in Kafka’s books was created in the logician’s honor before the Prague Castle’s Daliborka Tower.

9. Charles La Trobe, Melbourne

Sculptor Charles Robb’s statue sends out a message that Universities should turn their ideas on their heads.
This sculpture is installed at the University of Bundoora.

8. The Big Giving, London

This creation by Klaus Weber is based around a Local North American service of competitive giving, where the more the host gives; the more his status increases. In fact we’re not exceptionally enthusiastic about what’s being given here.

7. Traffic Light Tree, London

It is designed by Pierre Vivant and it has 75 sets of traffic lights. This sculpture replaced a tree that died from pollution so it reflects the energy of the developing Canary Wharf area.

6. Engagement Rings, Vancouver, Canada

It’s a beautiful sculpture designed by Dennis Oppenheim. It must be a good choice for a proposing moment.

5. Giant Tap, Switzerland

A giant crane sculpture located in Technopark Winterthur, hangs in the air. In this case the tap water flowing constantly.

4. The Bather, Hamburg

Well that’s really something!
This 67ft installation was actually an advertisement for UK based cosmetics company, Soap and Glory.

3. Les Voyageurs, France

This heartfelt sculpture is created by Bruno Catalano. It means “The Travelers” when Catalano said that all his travels left him feeling that a part of him was gone and will never come back. You can see it on different sides but this sculptures for sure will put you on deep thoughts.

2. The Silent Evolution, Mexico

This sculpture looks like a lost city and is created by Caires Taylor. It is part of the world’s largest underwater museum, situated in Cancun, Mexico. We have no doubt why it’s so much loved by everyone.

1. Skeletons In Love, Thailand

It is located in a park in Nong Khai, Northeast Thailand. Of course it is based on the “till death us do part” promise.