10 Books Written by Celebrities

Everyone has a favorite celebrity and you will be surprised that some of them have written some great books. Famous and authors too, it goes well with each other!

So take a look with us about 10 books written by our favorite celebrities and it will be worth it.

10. Why not me? – Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling’s comical book of essays covers every one of the important subjects: becoming hopelessly in love at work, how to look normal on camera according to Hollywood, and how she plans to be the first person to lose weight without any behavior modification at all.

9. Yes Please – Amy Poehler

Our favorite comedy actress is coming out with different essays topics that will make you laugh but at the same time will put you in deep thoughts. There are chapters like “Treat Your Career Like a Bad Boyfriend” and “The Robots Will Kill Us All,” and even a haiku on plastic surgery.

8. Open Book – Jessica Simpson

When Jessica Simpson was asked to write a motivational guide to life she refused the offer. Why you think so? Because she felt like it was one big lie! Instead of that she wrote “Open Book” when she talks about the good, the bad and the very ugly!

She discusses managing a consistent need to satisfy others, enduring sexual abuse, getting sober, and being on an unscripted TV drama while her marriage was crumbling. It’s a fascinating read.

7. Whiskey on a Teacup – Reese Witherspoon

Why Whiskey in a Teacup? According to Reese’s grandma Dorothea, that is actually what southern ladies are: pretty on the outside yet strong inside. Reese investigates how experiencing childhood in the south affects her, and offers a portion of Dorothea’s best tips, tricks, and very delicious recipes. Sweet tea and biscuits, anybody?

6. True Love – Jennifer Lopez

You don’t get to be a pop icon without going through some sh*t on the route. J.Lo gives us access on how Something’s Gotta Give helped her getting through her separation with Marc Anthony, what it was like getting booed at one of her own shows, and why her mother once shot a paparazzo with a water weapon.

5. Not my Father’s Son – Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming’s career as an actor is for sure on the top but her childhood was otherwise. Having survived years of emotional and physical abuse from his father, Cumming took a past journey into the mysterious family secrets that shaped his life.

4. The Last Black Unicorn – Tiffany Haddish

Out of necessity Tiffany learned to be funny at a young age. These thing helped her get by in school and in her foster home, and in the end it made her money. She writes about herself on how she managed to become one of the most successful comedians in Hollywood. Starting from nothing!

3. Inside Out- Demi Moore

Demi Moore may have had the sort of success we can merely fantasize about, however her life is far from great. In this journal, you will learn about her history with addiction, self-perception issues, and childhood trauma- all of which she managed while living in the public eye.

2. Around The Way Girl – Taraji P. Henson

In this legitimate journal, the Empire and Hidden Figures star spills the tea on her Hollywood encounters, including a noteworthy anecdote about pay difference. Henson’s allure conveys you from one part to another as you find how the past made her who she is today.

1. The Honest Life – Jessica Alba

Too many stars attempt tell-alls when they don’t actually want to tell anything. The better course for these people is to pick a point near their heart and spotlight on that. Simply ask Alba, who delivered the uncommon health book honorably. Her passion for non-toxic living comes off as genuine, rather than cashing in on a hot trend.