10 Celebrities Who Became Parents Through Adoption

Recent statistics have shown that nearly 135,000 children are getting adopted in the U.S. every year. Even celebrities are among the families that have opened their doors to someone else’s kids. Those children are so lucky to enter a life full of fortune and fame, and most importantly they’re loved and well taken care of.

10.Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer adopted a girl and then named her Claudia Rose, in 1993 when she was a baby.
Michelle met David E Kelly shortly after starting adoption proceedings, and baby Claudia was christened on Michelle’s and David’s wedding day in November, 1993.
The couple went on to have a son, John, now 16.

9.Oscar De La Renta

In 1983, the well known fashion designer Oscar De La Renta adopted a day-old boy named Moises. Moises was adopted from an orphanage in Dominican Republic shortly after Oscar’s first wife death. Moises has followed in his dad’s footsteps and he is also a fashion designer . “He is the sweetest, nicest human being. He has a heart of gold,” Oscar said about his son.

8.Kirstie Alley

After Kirstie Alley suffered numerous miscarriages , she decided to adopt two children. She was then married to Parker Stevenson .The couple adopted son William True, born in 1992, and daughter Lille Price, born in 1994. Kirstie and Parker divorced in 1997.

7.Nicole Kidman

When Nicole Kidman suffered a shortly after her and Tom Cruise married in 1990, the couple decided to adopt.
“We lost a baby early on, so that was really very traumatic. And that’s when it came that we would adopt Bella. My mother has an adopted sister, so it’s been part of our family and I knew it would probably play out somewhere in mine. I didn’t think it would happen so early but it did,” Nicole said at the time.
Tom and Nicole adopted Isabella Jane (Bella) in 1992, and Connor Anthony in 1995, when they were babies. The couple divorced in 2001 and after that each of them had other children. Tom had a biological daughter Suri Cruise with Katie Holmes, and Nicole had biological daughter Sunday Rose and a second daughter, Faith Margaret, by surrogate.

6.Sheryl Crow

In 2007, after battling breast cancer, singer Sheryl Crow adopted a 2 week old boy as she worried she’d struggle to conceive. She named the baby Wyatt. After a few failed adoption attempts, Sheryl adopted a second boy, 9-week-old Levi .To prepare for her adoptions, Sheryl admitted she studied infant CPR. “The idea was, if the opportunity came, I would be ready,” Sheryl said at the time.

5.Meg Ryan

In 2006, after filing for adoption, Meg Ryan brought her baby girl home from China. At first she named her daughter Charlotte, but later she decided the name didn’t suit her daughter’s personality, so decided to change it to Daisy.
“She’s a Daisy. She’s got the most open, beautiful, honest face you’ll just ever see,” Meg said when explaining why she changed her child’s name.
Meg’s biological son Jack was 15 months old when she adopted Daisey.

4.Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl announced that she had adopted a special needs baby girl from South Korea in 2009. They showed off their adorable little girl through a series of intimate family snaps. “We are thrilled to have a child in our lives, no matter what the challenges. She is a special needs baby and because of that, it all moved so much faster,” Katherine explained. Baby girl Nancy Leigh, or ‘Naleigh’, is named after Katherine’s own mum and her adopted sister Leigh, who was also originally from Korea.

3.Sandra Bullock

After a custody battle over her step-daughter and a divorce from Jesse James, Sandra Bullock announced she had adopted a baby boy! At the begining Sandra managed to keep it a secret from the world. Sandra and Jesse brought their baby home and decided to keep it a secret until the Oscars. Sadly, Sandra and Jesse’s relationship broke down . Sandra’s adopted baby only 3-month-old and they had named him Louis Bardo . “He’s just perfect, I can’t even describe him any other way,” Sandra said during the interview with People magazine, where she appeared on the front cover declaring, “Meet my son!”


Madonna decided to adopt her first child in 2006 when she met David Banda in a Malwaian orphanage. Together with her then-husband Guy Ritchie, Madonna brought David to the UK but it wasn’t approved until Christmas 2007 .After the couples divorce, the singer decided to adopt a little girl named Mercy James again from Malawi . Madonna met Mercy and tried to adopt her at the same time as David, but the little girl’s grandmother had refused. After her first few attempts were rejected by the Malawian government because she wasn’t a resident, Madonna was given the permission to adopt Mercy in 2009.

1.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie first adopted a child when she was married to actor Billy Bob Thornton in March 2002. Later Angelina split from Billy three months after the adoption was established . She had adopted a baby boy from Cambodia, called Rath Vibol, but Angelina decided to re-name him Maddox Chivan. After her relationship with Brad Pitt was public , Angelina adopted her second child . This time, the child was a 6 month old girl from Ethiopia named Zahara. Even though Angelina adopted as a single parent, Brad officially adopted Maddox and Zahara in 2006 and changed both their surnames to Jolie-Pitt. In 2007, after Brad and Angelina welcomed their own biological daughter Shiloh, they adopted a third child, a 3 year old Vietnamese boy named Pax Thien. Brad and Angelina later had two more biological children (twins), and rumors often circulate that they are thinking of adopting a fourth baby.