10 Celebrities With the Best Bikini Bodies

Beach, please! From JLO to Rita Ora, these stunning celebrities turned heads at the beach with their carved abs, toned legs, and sculpted arms.

10- Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek knows how to heat things up on social media but the 53-year-old needs plenty of motivation just like the rest of us. The Mexican star’s trainer Sara Shears told Shape magazine Hayek works out five to seven days a week even if she is n a vacation in a luxurious island, or working away from home.

9- Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez stunned audiences across the country when she worked the pole in “Hustlers” as a stripper. The 50-year-old told Fandango that she trained nonstop to make the moves look so effortless. She does not only follow intensive training, she also follows a strict diet with as little sugar as she can.

8- Halle Berry

She amazed everyone with her body and looks in the 2002 movie “Die Another Day”. Today at the age of 53 Halle Berry instantly turns head with her enviable body. The secret behind that is the combination of different exercise techniques, such as martial arts, boxing and a lot of military training, you know like the Navy Seals would do.

7- Rihanna

Some stars are so busy that going to the gym isn’t an option. That’s why celebrities like the Barbadian singer hire a personal trainer so they can work out whenever they feel like it. RiRi is one of the sexiest A-listers of Hollywood and her long and shaped legs have made it to the most famous magazine covers of all time.

6- Jennifer Laurence

“The Hunger Games” star had everyone breathless with her looks and shape during the series. Laurence has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood. Her bikini photos are always on top of world’s best magazines.

5- Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba admitted she is not a huge fan of working out, but still makes time to break a sweat once a day. She prefers high intensity training like squat jumps, mountain climbers and planks. The hottest CEO ever likes also a healthy food plan that includes proteins and veggies and cuts out gluten and processed foods.

4- Léa Seydoux

The French “Scepter” star is without a doubt one of the sexiest woman of the showbiz. Her amazing silhouette doesn’t need much exposure to attract attention.

3- Rita Ora

Rita Ora likes to give fans a glimpse of her amazing figure in a bikini, while holidaying. The 29-year-old has always seemed quite comfortable with her enviable curves.

2- Gal Gadot

The “Wonder Woman” is really a wonder woman outside the acting stage. Gal was crowned as the sexiest woman of 2017. No surprise she was once Miss Israel, in 2004 when she was just 18 years old.

1- Amber Heard


Amber Heard sticks to a pretty basic diet regime. She avoids processed foods and does her best to keep it clean. Of course you can add some exercise to the diet if you want to have a bikini body like that of Hard.