10 Features of the World’s 7-Star Hotel

When a British writer visited Dubai for a press trip, he remained in the luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab. Before the finish of his visit, he understood that his stay didn’t deserve its 5-star rating — it deserved significantly more. He appraised Burj Al Arab as a 7-star hotel, and different analysts agreed.

It is confirmed the spending a night in Burj Al Arab hotel it would cost a fortune but we are trying to show you a picture of this paradise. Here are 10 features of the world’s 7 star hotel.

10. Everything is made of marble and gold

Everything inside the hotel is made of 24 karat gold, furnitures, tv, mirrors and different decorations are glowing. In the other hand the floor and the walls of the hotel are made of Statuario marble which is the same marble Michelangelo used to make his statue of David.

9. Visitors are transported to the hotel either by car or a private helicopter

Burj Al Arab is the only hotel with its own fleet of Rolls Royce vehicles. So if you go to this hotel you will have to choices of transportation. You will be met at the airport with personal chauffeur and a white Rolls Royce or you can choose your private helicopter that will take you to the hotel’s roof.

8. The hotel’s suites are massive

Burj Al Arab has 202 duplex suite rooms, each with 2 stories, and some giving the panoramic view of the island and the ocean. The littlest suite is the size of a 4-room house at 1,820 square feet (170 sq m), while the colossal Royal Suite covers the whole floor and is overhauled by their own lifts. A few suites significantly offer you private films, 2 bars, and immense libraries!

7. It’s build in an artificial island

The private bridge connects Burj Al Arab to the land, which just the lodging staff and visitors have access. The actual structure is in excess of 1,000 feet (300 m) tall — which is considerably higher than the Eiffel Tower — and comprises of 56 floors. 230 substantial segments support the entire design that broadens 130 feet (40 m) beneath ocean level to keep the artificial island a float.

The actual structure has the state of a boat’s sail. Yet, beside stylish reasons, it was planned so the shadow wouldn’t block sea shore tourists underneath who are as yet ready to get a solid portion of UV rays. Thinking of every detail of course!

6. The restaurant serves guests seafood right from the water

Burj Al Arab has an underwater restaurant called Al Mahara, which translates to “oyster shell.” The entrance to the restaurant is a golden arched corridor and in the center sits a giant aquarium filled with colorful corals and exotic fish, including a shark. Just imaging enjoying your dinner while a shark casually swims around you.

5. You have a personal butler

After you’re finished with your registration, Burj Al Arab provides you with a personal butler. The butler takes you to your suite and shows you around. In the event that you need, he helps you unload your stuff after you show up and pack it again when you’re going to leave.

The Burj Al Arab’s staff to visitor proportion is 6:1, so you won’t ever be unattended. There is a head servant to bring you your sunglasses, a butler to splash you with mist so you stay revived on the sea shore, and a butler that makes you a candlelit bubble shower for an extra extravagant touch. There is also a pet butler that will deal with your lovely pet while you’re chilling in the pool or at the spa.

4. The suits have the latest technology

It’s here that enchantment occurs with a push of the button. The bed turns to whatever position you like, and you can use the remote to bring the secret TV screens from work areas and wall. The remote controls the entryways, window ornaments, and it assists you speaking with a steward on the off chance that you need anything.

3. You don’t need to worry about your leisure time

The hotel’s service includes different pools, both inside and outside, 9 eateries and bars, a waterpark, the popular Talise Spa with an immense sea view, and a private sea shore for the visitors of the lodging. You can likewise demand a romantic evening in the pool for 2: the lodging staff will sort out lighting candles and flower petals for you.

2. The beds are made with the rarest and quality materials

To guarantee an ideal night’s sleep, the sheet material in each room is made of the most uncommon down feather duvets on the planet. The feathers are hand-picked from deserted eider duck homes in Iceland. The mother duck plucks the softies feathers from her chest to encrust the home and keep the eggs warm. Just 4,400 lb (2,000 kg) of eiderdown is allowed to be collected each year.

What’s more, on the off chance that you need to be extra picky about your sleeping, the lodging gives you 17 varieties of customized cushions to choose from.

1. Each room comes with a collection of perfumes

You realize those one-off shower kits you normally find in standard lodgings? An example size cleanser and shower gel, in addition to something for teeth in case you’re lucky. Well forget that junk. A 14-piece set of Hermès toiletries come as a standart in each suite so you can spoil yourself in style. Also, you can even take them back home with you.