10 Flirting Habits That Might Get You in Trouble Around the World

When you have a crush on someone the next big step is to ask them out on a date. But dating behaviors are not the same for everyone. Some scenes that are romantic for someone may be considered a taboo on another country. So we are presenting you a list with flirting habits that might get you in trouble on different countries.

1. Showing Affection on Public

In some countries hugging or kissing on public might be something normal but in Japan or Korea this gesture can cause a stir and is considered offensive. If you take an example in Saudi Arabia people are arrested for kissing in public. You can totally make the difference with this one!

2. Not Showing Affection in Public.

So, we discussed that showing too much of affection might be a problem? In the other hand not showing affection at all might be a problem for some countries too. In many Central and South American countries people often greet each other with cheek- kissing not being affectionate at all can be considered that you are a cold and emotionless person.

3. Splitting  the Bill  

Traditionally is expected than man should pay on a date but this thing might be considered as an offence to woman because it implies that they can not take care of themselves. In the West splitting the bill is something common but in South Korea doing that is considered as an insult because that action is something that you do with friends. The bill should be paid by the person that makes more money, so if it is the girl that has more money it is acceptable for her to do the payment. Very rational indeed!

4. Bringing Your Date to Weddings or Parties

In U.K going without a date to these occasion is the perfect way because you can find your match there. Some invitation can demand the single guy to come alone at the event!  In the US  attending without a date is a social faux pas and the quickest way to get your meddling friends and family to call the local matchmaker. In some cultures weddings are a social event of the season!

5. Going in a Fancy Restaurant For Your Date

Americans are known to go all out in a date. McDonald’s is accepted only if you are still in high school or a cute old married couple. In Sweden people often go on “practice dates”  at a coffee or pastry shop  before going on fancy restaurants.

6. Taking Your Time

Americans like to take their time before going on the date. It’s called “fashionably late” but for some people for example in Germany this is considered “fashionably arrogant” so it’s a bit risking. They consider people’s time valuable so it is offensive for them if you don’t show up on time on their date.

8. Opening  the gift in front of the giver!

Woman opening gifts at birthday party

Making a gift is a lovely gesture that makes everyone happy. In the West it is considered rude if you don’t open the gift at the moment that is given to you because it can be taken as a lack of gratitude. In some Asian countries such as China or India it is the opposite because opening the gift at the moment can make you look greedy, so it is more rational to wait and not open the gift in front of the person that gave it to you.

9. Eating Habits

If you want to share your food with someone you need to be careful with it. In the west sharing your food by using utensils and not your hands is considered polite but in Japan is considered offensive to pass your food with chopsticks since this action is heavily used on funerals. In China breaking your noodles when you are eating them is considered bad luck so be careful with it.

10. Giving Flowers

Giving flowers is a lovely gesture but sometimes even doing that can cause some problems if you are not attentive. For example in Russia is normal for men to give flowers to their loved one as long as it is an odd number. An even number of flowers is reserved for funerals. Sending a yellow flower to a date can be considered that you think of them just as a friend. In Victorian Era yellow roses meant jealousy and infidelity. So please be careful with your choice!