10 Futuristic Homes That Will Make You Feel Like You Are in Outer Space

With NASA’s InSight lander wandering across Mars, we have space travel on our mind. These science fiction homes show us what everyday routine may look like if we lived on other planets.

While Mars has caught the minds of science fiction devotees for quite a long time, the reality of living on the forsaken planet is as yet far in the future. Meanwhile, we examined around on our own personal Earth to search out 10 futuristic, space-inspired homes that look like they may have been designed in a galaxy far, far away.

10. High Desert House

On the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, set inside a supernatural scene, High Desert House is a cutting edge natural magnum opus planned by San Diego engineer Kendrick Bangs Kellogg that would right at home on the arrangement of a Star Wars film.

9. Prefab Spaceship House

In the green territory of La Moraleja, on the edges of Madrid, Barcelona–based plan construct firm NOEM has made a prefab home with ll the high-tech gizmos of a spaceship. Appropriately named Spaceship House, the design is raised 12 feet off the ground to offer better perspectives on the scene. “He fundamentally revealed to us he needed a mothership,” says Pol Guiu, prime supporter of NOEM, of the concise he got from the house’s proprietor.

8. MARS Case Prototype

Beijing based OPEN Architecture collaborated with Chinese gadgets monster Xiaomi to make MARS Case, a lodging model that would permit people to beat the difficulties of living in a punishing, Martian climate.

7. 1970s UFO House

Architect Stefan Hitthaler saw promise in this 1973 holiday cabin near the South Tyrolean town of Brunico, and rebuilt into a 660-square-foot, UFO-like residence that gives recognition to the striking charms of midcentury Space Age plan. Windows added to the side corners of the north facade bring additional daylight indoors.

6. Los Terrenos House

Like a phantom from the Twilight Zone, Los Terrenos House by Mexico City–based designer Tatiana Bilbao has outside dividers of reflected glass, which makes the figment of a house that “vanishes” into the woods.

5. Dolomitenblick

This copper-clad, cutting edge, six-unit apartment complex set on a slope in the Dolomites was planned by Plasma Studio with an exceptionally mathematical structure and overhangs that expel from the exterior.

4. Pigna Tree House

Made by Tarvisio–based modeler Claudio Beltrame in a joint effort with DomusGaia, an Italian firm that fabricates wooden pre-assembled homes, the Pigna Tree House is molded like an egg, or outsider unit, and has a domed room with a bay window directly above it.

3. Tree-ness House

Inspired by trees, planner Akihisa Hirata planned this Tokyo multi-private structure as a three-dimensionally stacked, solid complex that incorporates garden regions and steps that seem to hang off the structure’s edges.

2. Wave House

Designed by Finnish draftsman Seppo Mäntylä and produced by Finnish log home creator Polar Life Haus, Wave House’s streamlined, spaceship-like outsides are developed from strong wood, glass, and steel.

1. Zaha Hadid-Designed Private Residence in Russia

Iraqi-British designer Zaha Hadid’s only residential project in Russia, this house in the Barvikha Forest close to Moscow rises out of its inclining, forested site like a serpentine-like animal from space. The house’s master suite is contained in a different volume that “drifts” 72 feet over the ground for awesome views.