10 Haircuts that Make Petite Girls Look Taller Without Having To Wear Heels

Just the same as clothes and shoes even a haircut can help us looking taller. For almost all finding a haircut suitable for its characteristics, height, taste, and hair type is not an easy thing. Things are more complicated for petite girls and women.

We just made a list of some styles that could transform your look and make you look taller without having to wear heels.

10. The “chest length”

In case you don’t want to shorten your hair, a chest-length cut can be your favorite cut ever. This is something in between neither long nor short. With this cut your hair will be full of volume. And because it’s medium length, this cut is the perfect one to create as many hairstyles as you like.

9. The “long and straight”

If short hair doesn’t look that good on you or you love long hair and want to maintain it that way, this type of haircut is the perfect for you. And, being a petite girl, this haircut will still help you look taller. It’s important that if you choose this one, you keep your hair straight because if you add waves, your hair will appear more voluminous, and unfortunately this won’t make you look taller.

8. The “a-line pixie”

A line pixie is a way to wear the pixie cut. It’s a little bit longer than the traditional style with a side part that brings about a cuter and more modern look. If you consider yourself petite and you are brave enough to try this cut, it will smooth your hairstyle, maintenance, and care.

7. The “mullet”

Another style that has made a return from the 90s is the mullet cut. This cut is shorter in the front and longer in the back. It is an original and tricky cut that will make you look taller. It also modifies your appearance into a airy, fresh one. So how about trying this look?

6. The “garçon”

The garçon hairstyle is a classic one that has been coming into light these days. This cut slightly covers the ears and totally reveals the neck and it adds volume at the top of the head. This way it can make you look taller and gives you an eminent and airy appearance.

5. The “lob”

If you are a petite woman and you have a round face, this haircut is the perfect for you. The lob or long bob cut gives you a touch of originality and freshness. It can also grind your qualities and reveal your chin. This is a very voguish cut and it makes you look amazing.

4. The “bob carré”

The carré is a type of bob but it differs from the classic bob because of the fringes and the waves. This look clears your silhouette and makes you look taller. It also makes you look more elegant.  By the way, this is one of the most popular trends in 2020.

3. The “midi”

If you don’t really like short hair, you can go for a midi cut. This style hardly touches your shoulders and makes your torso appear longer. This haircut is long enough to allow you to style a ponytail or a messy bun.

2. The “pixie”

Girls really like wearing the pixie with bangs and layers to add volume. This style is the perfect one for short women with sharp or elongated qualities because it leaves the neck open and makes them look taller.

1. The “bob”

The bob has been a big trend for some times and it still remains very popular. It consists of a cut above the shoulders. This haircut is shorter in the back and longer in the front. The cut helps soften attributes and it is the ideal cut  for women with a square face.