10 Nail Trends for 2020

Some people agree that nails are very important and they need to be taken care off. It is like an accessory that you need to work on it, keep it healthy and of course make it an art work. Nail designs are different because people’s taste are not the same. But here are some nail trends which according to experts are the best ideas for 2020. Take a look with us!

10. Color French

This time is not the regular French that all use. It doesn’t matter the length of your nail, short or long you can make a rainbow with colors if you want.

9. Matte

Matte manis are back in, and is very easy to tone down the color and make your design. So what are you waiting for?

8. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical design is another twist for French lovers. The experts say, “Keep an eye out for non-traditional tip colors as well,”

7. Ombre

Ombre is beautiful in long acrylic nails even though it can look pretty on natural nails as well. You can create a soft texture with mixing colors so don’t be afraid to use it.

6. Pearl

Pearls are the new trend for nails. You can sparkle and make a lasting impact. It looks like a piece of work.

5. Solid Metallic

Metallic is a trend that will continue to last. You can use rose gold or deeper colors just make sure to be satisfied.

4. Celestial

You can express your interest in astrology or stars even on your nails. From metallic to celestial designs you can use whatever you want.

3. Neutral

Neutral means elegance and we all know that elegance never gets out of fashion. Nude colors are preferred a lot and they express a warmer feeling.

2. Pastel

Pastels are not boring if you mix different colors into it. Yellow and lavender color are a perfect match, you just need to be creative with it.

1. Airbrush Nails

In the 80’s airbrushing was a popular design, it is when you spray paint to create patterns on your nails. So this technique has come back for 2020. Feel free to take a look and use it on your nails.