10 of the Most Downloaded Apps for 2021

If we start talking about the most downloaded apps of 2021 so far the results may sound a bit shocking. 2020 certainly saw its fair share of curve balls. During this year every industry and sector was impacted by the year’s events, this also includes app downloads.

Let’s have a look at the actual most downloaded apps for 2021 in App Store and Play Store. Remeber that specific apps that are growing fast are not on this list being only for iPhone users and as a result not this widely downloaded.

10. MX TakaTak

 MX TakaTak  is a video sharing app coming from India that allows you to create your own videos, watch what is a trend at a certain time, and look for videos that interest you. 

Even though this app is mostly used in India, it also supports content in English, which makes it possible for all international brands and influencers to get involved. It gets almost 10 million daily users and somehow 45 million users a month.

9. Messenger

Just like WhatsApp and Facebook, Facebook Messenger is another consistent favorite in the app store. Differently from WhatsApp, Messenger is more popular in the United States and is awaited to reach almost 2.4 billion users in 2021. 

Like lots of the other apps, Facebook Messenger can be used in an effective way for personal and professional communication. Either sharing photos with friends or relatives or sharing some new products or services with followers, this app gives you the possibility to reach your audience fastly and easily.

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that has been downloaded more than 200 million times and is mainly popular with a young audience of 34 years old and under, mostly in the United States.

This app can be used for fun and for business at the same time as it has a feature which is called Instant Create which allows you quickly and easily create ads and then share them based on location just to make sure they are watched by your target. In this way, Snapchat is considered to be a very useful marketing tool.

7. Zoom

This app, togather with some other video conferencing apps, was surely one of the most successful apps of 2020. In April 2020, Zoom announced over 300 million participants a day. The app presented almost 38 million downloads in January 2021.

This boom came bacause of the COVID-19 crisis. As a lot of users around the world had to work from home, they used Zoom as their video-conferencing app. Zoom makes it possible for users to make video calls for business or just for being in touch with friends or family.

6. Moj

India has banned a lot of Chinese apps, such as TikTok, so others have been created. Moj is a ilustrious example of this. It gives users the possibility to make short videos of up to 15 seconds and add different effects to make them personal. It has a simple user interface which makes it really easy for people to interact wirh comments, likes, shares etc.

This app is considered as a new one, making its debuted in July 2020 and quickly making up millions of viewers. It has more than 80 million active monthly users who spend on average 34 minutes on this app per day.

5. Telegram

Another famous messaging app is Telegram. It is a free app with almost 500 million active monthly users. This app can be used to send photos, videos, and all types of documents besides of regular messages.

Telegram allows the users to create groups of up to 200,000 and also create private and public channels. In this way you can invite your customers to join. This provides diverse marketing opportunities as you can share images and information about products or services, providing links to landing pages.

4. WhatsApp

Speaking of being in touch, lots of social media apps also experienced continued downloads in 2021. WhatsApp has almost 2 billion users from all around the world. 

WhatsApp may not be this popular in the United States but it is the leading app across the rest of the world. It gives opportunities for businesses to be in contact with their clients and customers, special offers and more. There are a lot of interesting marketing opportunities with WhatsApp.

3. Instagram

Part of the Facebook family is also Instagram. This photo and video sharing app is one of the most popular apps.

Instagram is very useful when it comes to marketing. Brands uploaded an average of 0.7 posts to the social platform every day in 2018. Between IGTV, Instagram Lives, and Instagram Stories, Instagram also provides a lot of opportunities for marketers to be in touch with their target group. 

Las year in summer, Instagram launched its new feature, Reels. It is a direct competitor of TikTok.

2. Facebook

As the number one app in the world, it is no shock that Facebook is one of the most famous apps of 2021. Facebook has been mainly useful during the time people wanted to connect and be in touch. 

Facebook is in the top 10 Apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is the most popular app publisher around the globe, based on its downloads. The Facebook family consists of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Facebook Advertising and marketing are two main activities for marketers.

1. TikTok

It’s no shock that TikTok is the most downloaded app of 2021. By April 2020, the app had taken more than 2 billion downloads globally.

As a lot of users stay at home using their phones, they’re allways looking for new ways to be entertained. Social media users are so far attracted to video, and when you combine that with TikTok’s intelligent algorithm, the result is a irresistible app for users.