10 Of The Most Exotic Beaches Around The World

Summer is here and the only thing passing through our heads is the beach. We are all thinking of our holidays and trying to google the best beaches to visit this year.

Some are looking for relax, some for history and some for adventure. If you see yourself as part of the last group and you love sea holidays, you are at the right place. We are showing the most amazing beaches around the world on a single list.

From beaches of Hawaii to those of Seychelle these are 10 most exotic beaches you can visit around the world.

10 . Papakolea Beach, Kaʻū, Hawaii

This beach is located three miles on the east of Ka Lae found on the island of Hawaii. It is surrounded by grasslands and it is accessible after hiking almost three-hours across rugged paths. Climb down a massive cinder cone and you’ll get to this private beach in green sand. The color of the sand comes from olivine which is a mineral that contains iron and magnesium.

9. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

Whitehaven Beach is one of Australia’s most attractive and the cleanest beach, found on Whitsunday Island. You can reach it only by boat. The sand there is 90% pure silica, which gives the beach its bright white color. If you are thinking of going there you won’t need the flip flops, The sand here doesn’t collect heat, so you can walk free of slippers even on a flaming hot day.

8. Playa de las Catedrales, Ribadeo, Spain

Playa de las Catedrales is a splendid example of nature’s power in action. The Atlantic ocean tides perform, a living spectacle immersing and exposing this amazing coast sprinkled with arches and caves.

The naves and chambers of “cathedrals” covered with sand, were formed when the Cantabrian Sea waves carried away the softer parts of the rock.

If you are visiting Playa de las Catedrales, you will have to make a reservation and buy tickets.

7. Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach, California, USA

In Big Sur of California, you’ll find Pfeiffer Beach. A magneficent beach with waves crashing a rugged coastline. There you will explore rock arches and see jagged rock formations everywhere. You’ll also find beautiful patches of purple sand, which are formed out of manganese garnet washing down from the hillside.

6. Star Sand Beach, Iriomote Island, Japan

Iriomote Island is a small island in Okinawa, Japan only reached by boat. Most of the people that visit this beach aren’t swimming in the water. Mostly people bent over examining the sand. This happens because most of the beaches on Iriomote Island are full of “hoshizuna” or star-shaped sand.

According to a legend, the star sand is made out of the tiny skeletons of the Southern Cross and the North Star, who were killed by a huge serpent after being born in the ocean. According to the science, these shapes are the exoskeletons of millions of marine protozoans.

The best timing for visitors to find the best star-shaped sand particles is after a typhoon. At this time the sand stars are stirred up beneath the ocean floor and washed up on the shore.

5. Rialto Beach, Washington, USA

This incredibly scenic beach on the Olympic Coast in Washington is one of the most reached beaches. But at the same time you can easily go there and see no one around. You just have to park your car there, set up a camp on the beach, or else hike the region of the Olympic National Park.

4. Benagil Sea Cave Beach, Algarve, Portugal

Just travel along the southern coast in the Algarve of Portugal, and you’ll see a group of astonishing sea caves. The most evocative one is located around the corner from a beach in the tiny town of Benagil. You can rent a boat and explore the caves and all the isolated beautiful beaches of the area.

3. Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland

Stated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, Giants Causeway Beach in Ireland is surrounded by interconnecting basalt columns that jut upwards out of the sea. This is what makes it one of the most exotic beaches in the world.

2. Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue, Seychelle

One of the most popular beaches on the 115 islands Seychelles has is the Anse Source d’Argent’s. It has a white and sometimes pink sand beach which is offset by towering granite boulders, built time after time, making it a secret paradise.

1. Honopu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

If you are planning to get to this beach, it will not be this easy. You’ve got to work for it. If you can’t hike, boat or drive than swimming from a boat is the only way for you to access.