10 Strange Olympic Sports of All Time

Strange sports doesn’t mean it’s bad but it is so weird that captivates you. Since the first Olympic Games in 1896 these games had a time to shine when some of these sports have worked out really well and others, not so much.

Here’s a look at 10 strange Olympic Sports of all time.

10. Handball

Country of origin: Greece

Olympic Sport: 1936, 1952, 1972-present

On the off chance that you’ve never watched a handball match, help yourself out and look at one. Because for as strange as it is, it’s also exciting.

For reasons unknown, this is a game that is never gotten on in the United States yet has been an Olympic mainstay since 1936 — Americans have never at any point medaled in the occasion.

9. Basque Pelota

Country of origin: Spain

Olympic Sport: 1900, 1924, 1968, 1992

This unusual mix of jai alai, lacrosse, handball and racquetball is really something to view and has advanced into the Olympics as an authority sport only once, in 1900, then, than three more times as a show sport.

One weird fact about the 1900 Olympics and basque pelota is that there were just two groups who entered. One dropped out, and the gold medal went to Spain.

8. Fencing

Country of origin: Germany

Olympic Sport: 1896-present

It won’t ever not be strange to see two individuals dueling like it’s The Count of Monte Cristo for sport.

As peculiar as fencing may appear to a few of us, it’s not going anyplace at any point in the near future. It’s one of a few games that has been on the authority Olympic program since the primary games in 1896.

7. Motor Race

Country of origin: France

Olympic Sport: 1900

There were just two Olympic games where motorsports were important for the program — cars in 1900 and boats in 1908.

This game qualifies as bizarre because it makes us wonder of how a global game like F1 racing or stock car racing, with its worldwide fame, has never considered being at the Olympic game.

6. Sport Climbing

Country of origin: United States

Olympic Sport: 2021-present

We’re still not certain how game climbing turned into an Olympic game, but here we are on the verge of it being on the program for the first time in 2021.

It’s too early to advise how sport climbing will translate into a TV audience, however we’re coming to comprehend somewhat more about how it will be judged and applaud it for its basic approach — one occasion for men, one occasion for ladies with the best performer in three disciplines of lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering granted the gold medal.

5. Judo/Karate/Taekwondo

Photo taken during Bronze bout of 2017 Karate 1 Premier League Paris: Canada China Female kumite -61 kg Jumaa Haya Yin Xiaoyan

Country of origin: Japan

Olympic Sport: 1964, 1972-present

Do not tell anyone who really knows judo, karate or taekwondo that we called it strange, in case they attempt to show the sport on us.

Judo is unusual in its ruthlessness — very much like in boxing the competitors are needed to wear headgear — yet the merciless, turning kicks and tosses are something to see.

That taekwondo survived this moment at the Olympics and yet is in the games pretty astonishing.

4. Synchronized Swimming

Country of origin: Germany

Olympic Sport: 1984-present

There is something superb about having the chance to take in synchronize swimming at regular intervals at the Olympics — the elegance and athleticism it takes to pull off some of this moves challenges the brain.

How these competitors can make this look so synchronized, is still past us. We simply know how much we enjoy it.

3. Water Skiing

Country of origin: United States

Olympic Sport: 1972

Add water skiing to the list of motor-based sports that the Olympics said “thanks but no thanks” to after it was included as a performing sport at the 1972 Olympics.

Americans brought home gold medals in three of the six occasions — there were three men’s events and three ladies’ events — with 11-time world champion Ricky McCormick getting back two gold awards for the U.S.

2. Kaatsen

Country of origin: Netherlands

Olympic Sport: 1928

Kaatsen looks like a pretty good sport and is one of the oldest sports people ever played with a ball.

How does Kaatsen work? It’s best described as a combination of handball, tennis, volleyball and baseball, but feel free to check it out for yourself.

1. Surf Lifesaving

Country of Origin: England

Olympic Sports: 1900

Of all the borderline sports on this rundown, we can see how Surf Lifesaving made it to the list, yet to us, it simply defaults to the “Best Lifeguard” award, which they really have competitions for.

This performance took place only once in the 1900 Olympics, was an antecedent to the present day marathon. It’s still strange to think they did it at the Olympics, though.