10 Wild and Interesting Music Facts

In music world always will be news and new releases or information about celebrities. We are presenting you some interesting music facts that may be new for you. So take a look with us.

10. In Ariana Grande’s song “God is a woman” the voice of god was from Madonna.

9. Great songs “I will always love you” and “Jolene” was written in the same day by Dolly Parton.

8. Mariah Carey insured her legs and vocal cords for $35 million each, totaling $70 million altogether.

7. Nicki’s Minaj first job before becoming famous was waiting tables at Red Lobster in New York City.

6. Elvis Presley was actually a natural blonde and his stylist dyed his hair dark in the ’50s by mixing shampoo, vitamin capsules, aloe vera, and herbs together.

5. Jimi Hendrix  learned by himself how to play the guitar and never learned how to read music.

4. In Janet Jackson’s music video for “That’s the Way Love Goes,” an unknown Jennifer Lopez played her BFF.

3. Beyonce charged her parents friends $5 to watch her perform when she was a kid.

2. Before Ed Sheeran made it in the music business he slept on Jamie Foxx’s couch for 6 months.

1. Adele and Jessie J went to the same art high school and used to sing together during lunch.