10 Wisdom Quotes From Author Gabriel García Márquez

When author Gabriel García Márquez started working on his great novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, he had to leave his job. He ended up selling his car and being in a huge amount of debt. At one point, he even sold his wife’s favorite mixer and hair dryer just to get some money. His wife after learning what he has done said to him: “Don’t let this novel turn out bad”.

Here we have collected some of the great wisdom word pieces from this author who was a talented writer and a great person too which went through tough times like all normal people.

1. There’s is always something left to love.

2. A person doesn’t die when he should but when he can.

3. Crazy people are not crazy if one accepts their reasoning.

4. If a woman is dragged into something, I know that everything will be fine. It’s completely clear to me that women rule the world.

5. Never stop smiling, not even when you’re sad, because you never know who may fall in love with your smile.

6. One minute of reconciliation is worth more than a whole lifetime of friendship.

7. It’s better to come at the wrong time than to wait for an invitation.

8. The problem with marriage is that it ends every night after making love, and it must be rebuilt every morning before breakfast.

9. If you meet your true love, then he or she won’t be able to hide from you, anywhere — not in a week, or a month, or in a year.

10. Don’t let yourself die without knowing the wonder of making love.