11 Winter Trends Worth Having in your Wardrobe

As you put your bikinis and tank tops away for another year, remember, each season brings with it different stylish and attractive trends to try.

That fresh breeze and cool mist will prepare our mood for a new air of fashion trends this Fall, and yes we are so ready to receive it. Many of these items you’ll already own, but you can make your winter wardrobe more fashionable with some more of these trending outfits.

Scroll through and get inspired by the looks below for this season best trends that are in store for us.

11. Jeans & Leather top

Leather jackets are one of the items that everyone have in their closet. But, forget the leather jacket this season and opt for a leather shirt instead. For added warmth, pair a rollneck underneath as an extra layer.

10. Midi Skirt & Shacket

You should not forget midi skirts when temperatures drop. You can combine them with different clothes, but instead, wear them with a woollen shacket, brogues and thick knitted socks.

9. Jeans, Boots & Oversize Cardi

Who doesn’t love oversized cardigans? An oversize cardi is the cosy essential you’ll wear all winter. Pair it with jeans and boots for a look that is perfect for brunch or when you have to work from home.

8. Blending Boots & Leather Trouser 

Anyone can pull off a good pair of denim, but some fashion items, like leather trousers, don’t come quite so easily. Leather trousers are a wintertime must. For a fresh take, seek out a burgundy or brown color and then match your boots to them for easy coordination.

7. Checked Shorts & Beret

You can wear berets with a coat, dress, denim or many other options. For a classic take on winter dressing, stick to a tonal colour palette, as well as wardrobe essentials like trench coats and berets.

6. Belt Bag & Jacket

The belt bag has quickly become the cool new accessory in style. Girls and fashion influencers have quickly come up with creative ways to wear them. 
Layer a sleek belt bag over shorter jacket styles.

5. Blazer & Maxi Dress

Surprise-surprise, the maxi dress trend is here again! Maxi dresses is one of those enduring styles that never really goes away and this season is no different. For formal outings, try pairing a maxi dress alongside your favourite blazer and boots.

4. Standout Coat & Refined Separates

If your outerwear is of the bold variety, keep the rest of your outfit pared-back to ensure it looks cool, not cliché.

3. Tonal Coat, Jeans & Snakeskin boots

A tonal winter white outfit can be just as timeless as classic black. Take the lead from A Style Edit and pair a teddy coat with light jeans to let statement boots do the talking.

2. Blue Jeans & Leopard-Print Jacket

Do leopard-print coats ever go out of fashion? We’d argue that they never do. Leopard-Print coat or jacket is always a great way to make an outfit suddenly more fabulous. This winter pair yours with vintage blue jeans and sturdy Chelsea boots for a simple yet statement weekend look.

1. Midi Skirt & Puffer

You can wear puffers with practically everything and anything. So, whether you’re rocking mom jeans or a knitted dress, a puffer can make the perfect outerwear addition. Make a puffer jacket feel more fashion-forward by pairing it alongside updated seasonal staples such as a wrap midi skirt and a statement handbag.