12 Best Tv Shows About Witches

Stories about witches are as old as the world itself. They came in as cottagecore Pintrest board or horrific as our nannies used to tell us. The great things about witches itself is there isn’t necessary good or bad witches as The Wizard of Oz explain. Witchcraft  has always been a way of escape from the society barriers for Women. Women suffered enough (hello, Salem witch trials), and finally the fictional witches can do whatever they want.

We introduce you with the 12 best television shows about witches for all of those who are looking for a different content from horror, romance, or just fantasy. Cleanse your space while burning sage, put on your witchy hat and let’s get into it.

The worst witch

I’m being 100 percent realistic when I tell this is the best baby witch movie product. Enjoy your cinnamon-roll show.

2.The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

The end of Riverdale is way much more darker than the “I’m a weirdo speech” which  comes in mind from Jughead Jone’s. Meanwhile Sabrina rock that conservative sweater the shows goes on with the Satan worship and classic horror homages.

3. Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

The adaption of the comic character Archie is   completely different from the original show. We can easily say that they have both a place on the list. This show is much more like a sitcom which we actually love it.

4. Charmed

Wont judge if you are a reboot person but along with Sabrina The Teenage Witch the OG  Charmed were the magical ladies of the 90’s.

5. VandaVision

Who can be  the other witch appearing on the   Marvel Cinematic Universe’s sitcom despite Wanda Maximoff…

6. Merlin

It is much more known for the wizard characters but there are also witches in it. Merlin is the most famous character of all magician fictional the time.

 7.American Horror Story: Coven       

This season of AHS is not only about Salem, while giving us the “Surprise Bitch” meme. The most iconic  season of all the times.

8. The Magicans

Classmates doing postgraduate wizardry who end up in charge of a magical realm… Haven’t you watched it yet? What are you waiting for?! It’s SO fun and sexy and addictive in the best way.

9 The witcher.

The Netflix series, adapted from a video game, quickly filled the Game of Thrones-sizedhole in our heart. Be ready to find more magic than even the Game Of Thrones ever head. It is hardly a fair comparison besides the fantasy braids and swordfights and spooky woods.

10. Bewitched

 It’s a classic! A witch trying to have a normal  life with her mortal husband and her overbearing magical mother.

11. Witches of East End

A lot of drama coming from the barrel curl of witches. Even Lifetime is on the witch game to.

12. Once Upon a Time

Start binging the ABC series that mashed-up Disney princesses and other fairy tales characters with plenty of witches around every corner. As they say, magic always comes with a price.