12 Cheapest Destinations to Travel

It is a fact. All people love traveling like all the time. But do we all have enough money to travel. We know almost all most attractive places are too expensive for our budget. But there are so many ways to save money when we travel. The easiest and the most effective one: chose a cheap destination.

So let’s see some places you should visit when you are on a budget but you still want to go somewhere amazing. 

12. Egypt

Considering the plentiful of magnificent ancient sights, you’d expect travel in Egypt with a cost of a lot more than it truly is. If you choose all the major sights including the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel then the cost may increase, but if you choose to eat cheap and very tasty food and some cheap places of accommodation, an idea of living like a Pharaoh may come to your mind. Be careful! There are districts that the government does not advise traveling to, so we suggest you to check these destinations before you go.

11. London

We all know London is not that cheap. There’s no denying this fact. Even staying in hostels, using buses and trains and eating in cheap places is going to take a huge amount of money from your pocket. But there are some places in the world that can rival the capital city for its excess of free sights, including the Rosetta Stone and the Lindow Man created by Monet and Dalí. Other places to visit are dinosaur and blue whale skeletons and these attractions are for free. You just have to choose the right area to stay at night and find out eight things you didn’t know you could do in the Big Smoke.

10. Istanbul

Placed both in Europe and in Asia, Istanbul is clearly breathe taking. Even though visiting all the sights including the Aya Sofya, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace can take a great amount of liras from your pocket, the city is still one of the greatest for those on a budget. Possibly the best ways to travel around the city are using a ferry boat which makes it possible for you to go from the Asiatic part to the European or you can also use metros, trains, buses and even taxis. They won’t cost much there.As for the food freshly-cooked kebab may fill your stomach and it will cost only few liras.

9. Shanghai

The biggest deal for people who want to see Shanghai is doubtless the overflowing number of amazing street food offered including xiao long bao soup dumplings, scallion pancakes and zongzi. It’s possible finding even a cheap accommodation. What excites visitors the most is exploring Shanghai’s busy streets on foot and experiencing the big contrast between old and new China.

8. The Gambia

Africa’s smallest country is known for its amazing beaches, but it’s well worth traveling beyond them to explore this country in details. On the top of the list there is always the Chimp Rehabilitation Centre in the River Gambia National Park. There you can watch our ancestors in their natural habitat. If you are into birds, Baobolong Wetland Reserve is one of the best places and is at its most atmospheric at sunset.

7. Mexico

You are likely to spend all your money on tacos and tequila which are very famous in Mexico. If you want to want to have real fun, just try some of the country’s best street food in Oaxaca or cool off in a crystal-clear cenote, a sunken swimming hole. It is sure that the country will leave you pleased and you will decide to go back for more. 

6. Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries in South America. It is also one of the most misunderstood. Visiting it may somehow uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s totally worth it because of the amazing sights. On the top of the list is the Salar de Uyuni salt flats. A two or three day tour will usually cost less than $150.

5. India

India keeps being one of the greatest destinations for those who are in a budget. There are not too many countries in the world where you can travel so extensively and eat so well for just a little amount of money. If you are into beaches and sea consider eschew Goa. You can also find the temple town of Gokarna. What we suggest as we talk about food, are the puris and kebabs of Mumbai’s street stalls.

4. Bulgaria

Often underestimated, Bulgaria has a lot to offer those who are on a budget. Bulgaria offers some of the most deserted beaches in Europe, at very low prices. In addition to its wonderful coastline, there are also a lot of adorable old towns, such as Varna on the coast and the ancient Plovdiv. Bulgaria also has a great number of mountains, perfect for exploration on foot or by bike.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

In spite of being firmly on the tourist, Prague still rests as one of Europe’s cheapest capital cities to visit. For only a few Czech Crowns you can enjoy a tasty meal, accompanied with decent local beer. The city itself is special, full of history and perfect for explorations by foot.

2. Uruguay

If you’ve visited Brazil and Argentina, or are searching for a better destination, start considering Uruguay as your destination to visit. You’ll be happy to hear that you can find superb steak here. There are also a lot of lovely beaches to choose.

1. Thailand

There has always been a reason why Thailand is still so popular with backpackers. There you can find idyllic islands, a rich culture, a lot of beaches, a rich cuisine and adventures galore. What sounds more exiting are the crazy low prices. Check out Nakhon Si Thammarat for some of the very best food the country offers, or you can also hire a motorbike to make a 600km trip along the Mae Hong Son Loop.