13 Series That’ll Make You Netflix Addicted

Netflix is not just posting series and movies produced from other companies.Since 2012 it started working  on creating its own products. You may have  already heard about the House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black.Their amazing products conquered the hearts of audience all over the world and their number of subscribers is constantly increasing.

If you want to spend a beautiful weekend at your house we suggest Netflix. So here is a list of 13 series made by Netflix that you will totally love.

13. Locked Up (Vis A Vis)

Locked up is a Spanish series about a woman whose name is Macarena that ends up at the Cruz del Sur Prison. The wide eyed heroine comes to be  unprepared for such a cruel life. Her co-prisoners are psychos, murderers, and thieves. She has to find a way to live with them and she goes through a lot of problems just to get the freedom she wants.

12. Love 101 (Aşk 101)

If you want to watch a pleasant story about love, this Turkish TV series published by Netflix will offer what you are asking for. 17-year-old teens, who are risking dismissal, are the center of the plot. The only teacher who is protecting them gets relocated after 2 months and this means that the next year nothing can protect them from being expelled. But they make a new plan to prevent the relocation of the protective teacher.

11. Into the Night

The sunrise is not already a natural phenomenon for the characters of this series. Now sunlight is a murderer. In order to not be exposed in the sun, one desperate man creates a plane with passengers on board and orders the pilots to go away from this murderer.

10. Black Spot (Zone Blanche)

The French-Belgian series takes place in Villefranche, a small town. This town seems to be isolated from the rest of the world. There is no phone service but what is more interested is that it is located on the edge of a bizarre forest. The area is full of mysterious and unsolved crimes. One of the crimes is the one the mayor’s daughter, who vanished half a year ago.

9. Baby 

This Italian series tells about the tangled relations between teens and parents. What is better: to raise a kid in fear and prevent them from a lot of things or to give them full freedom? You can simply find the answer watching the story of high-schoolgirls Chiara and Ludovica.

8. Call My Agent! 

The employees of the agency ASK are conscious that the world of show business is filled with scandals and intrigue. They constantly face various struggles: they have to deal with nosy journalists, fickle actors, and ruthless directors. But everything becomes more complicated when one of the founders dies. The responsibility for the destiny of the agency falls on the shoulders of the 4 most important characters.

7. Deadwind (Karppi)

Deadwind is a Finnish crime drama and Nordic black tv series  created by Rike Jokela.  The show follows Sofia Karppi, a detective of the Finnish police whose husband died when she was on her 30s and she also has two children. She returns to work in Helsinki, and her first case is the murder of Anna Bergdahl, a social affairs consultant. During this investigation, the partners will untangle a tangle of political and business intrigue.

6. Thieves of the Wood (De Bende van Jan de Lichte)

The story takes place in the 18th century. Jan de Lichte is the main character who left the Austrian army and returned to his village. Seeing in his motherland touched his heart so deep and made him start a life as a thief. If you are into adventures, you’ll totally like this historical drama.

5. Sweet Magnolias 

This series is based on Sherryl Woods’ novels. 3 friends have lived together in a small American town since they were kids and have faced a lot of difficulties together. Maddie is going through the harsh process of divorce. Helen, has problems with her personal life. It looks like Dana Sue’s life is going so good — she owns a restaurant and she works as a chef there. But this is just an illusion. The friends decide to start a business together. They open a spa called The Corner Spa.


4. Caliphate 

This series is perfect for those who like to watch dark series. It’s a story about a security agent whose name is Fatima. She gets a message delivered that a terrorist attack is being prepared against Sweden. The plot is very mysterious. The creators have portrayed radicals and explained where their wives and sisters come from.

3. The Hook Up Plan (Plan Cœur)

This is French series which takes place in Paris. Elsa the main character is very lonely. She has had a lot of betrayals and break-ups and feels very desperate on finding a mate. Her best friends can’t watch her experience mental agony, and they decide to help…

2. Sick Note 

Daniel, works in WeCover insurance. His life is very boring, he is always being late for work, plays with his console all his evenings, and does not pay that much attention to his girlfriend. Everything changes when discovers he has cancer. The people around him change and start to care about him. The young man gets used to having attention and help all around, but then he  discovers that the doctor made a mistake while diagnosing him.

1. The Bonfire of Destiny ( Le Bazar de la Charité)

A French mini-series, based on real story. In 1897, a big fire was set at a bazaar in Paris. About 126 people were dead, mostly high society women and girls. The story talks about 3 women whose life turned upside down after this horrific day.