14 Movie Bridal Outfit that Will Never Go Out of Fashion

A wedding gown can always turn heads . That’s especially true when it comes to movie characters wearing wedding dresses. Often,they’re even more unforgettable and extravagant than real-life wedding gowns would be .We have listed 14 best movie wedding dresses that will never be out of fashion.

14.Goosip Girl , Blair

The baby blue dress that Blair wore at her own wedding was chosen from the collection of Elie Saab by the costume designer . He said, “It needed to feel like old-world glamour meets contemporary high fashion.”

13.How to Marry a Millionaire , Schatze

Lauren Bacall played the role of a fortune hunter and she wore a mermaid-silhouette dress .The choice of accessories was amazing — there were pearls all over her: on her hat, her neck, and her wrist.

12.Fifty Shades Freed , Anastasia

The open shoulders, the lace, and the long hem are what you always see on a wedding dress designed by Monique Lhuillier. The designer said, “I wanted to create something traditional but with a modern twist and really make sure it encompassed Anastasia’s personality.”

11.Gone With the Wind , Scarlett

Done to show that she wore her mother’s dress in a hurry, which was so different from what she usually preferred ,the costume designer for Gone With the Wind chose an antiquated dress for Scarlett, even though her style was quite modern.

10.The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ,Katniss

An Indonesian designer named Tex Saverio ,created the look of Katniss’s white dress with the modernistic corset and the crazy lace . Even though she doesn’t wear the dress for the wedding, we just couldn’t ignore it.

9.The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement , Mia

What Mia wore in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement is that royal wedding dress usually has lace on the top and a long hem that children can hold it while the bride walks down the aisle.

8.The Age of Adaline , Adaline

Representing the ’30s Adaline wore a satin dress decorated with lace. She also put thin gloves and a big veil. This was the bridal outfit every girl dreamt of in that time.

7.Funny Face , Jo

The simple-looking wedding dress from designer Hubert de Givenchy highlighted the petite figure of Audrey Hepburn . This is the perfect wedding dress for those who want to dance comfortably at their wedding.

6.Bride Wars , Liv

Vera Wang knows a thing or 2 about wedding dresses. For Liv, the character portrayed by Kate Hudson, she chose a big dress with a heart-shaped neckline and a low waist . The purple belt made the look even more splendid.

5.Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones , Padmé

Natalie Portman’s dress consisted of underwear and a cloak. Trisha Biggar ,the designer of the costume, said that the dress took lots of time of difficult handiwork . It looks quite heavy with old-fashioned lace and beading.

4.The Young Victoria ,Victoria

The costume designers recreated the breathtaking gown Queen Victoria once wore , as accurately as possible . Critics loved it and the movie was awarded with an Oscar for “Best Costume Design.”

3.Sex and the City , Carrie

Carrie tries on dresses from different designers but she finally decides on one created by Vivienne Westwood. In the series and the films about 4 fashionable friends, there are many wedding dresses that appear on camera, but this one is probably the favorite of the audience.

2.About Time , Mary

Rachel McAdams’ character ,Mary, proved that a red wedding dress can be radiant. Thanks to the color, the bride is easily visible . It may look simple without any decorative accessories.

1.High Society ,Tracy

Grace Kelly’s character wore a silk bridal gown with many layers and embroidered flowers. She also wore a big hat and short gloves .As always ,she looked perfect.