15 Delicious Comfort Foods From Around the World

When it comes to foreign cultures , food takes a special place too. A lot of people travel around the world to taste the traditional flavors and try out tastes they have only imagined. Join the world tour of comfort food and let your taste buds feel the sweet, salty, sour and spicy dishes of tradition.


Soft like a pillow, and marked with delightful golden spots, naan, a dough baked in a hot tandoori clay oven, is a type of Indian bread that’s perfect for dipping and even relishing on its own.

14.Iran-Asheh Reshteh

Thick, stick-to-your-ribs soups make up the backbone of Iranian cooking — in fact, there are more than 50 varieties. Asheh Reshteh, a noodle soup full of herbs, yogurt, and beans, is arguably the most popular type.


Goulash is a healthy, paprika-flavored stew with cubes of beef, carrots, and potatoes.


Shakshuka is dish made of eggs poached in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions flavored with cumin. While it likely originated in North Africa, it is a popular dish throughout the Middle East.


Moussaka, described as Greece’s version of lasagna, is a baked dish typically made of layers of fried eggplant, potatoes, ground meat, and spices, all topped off with grated cheese and a cream sauce such as béchamel.

10.Puerto Rico-Mofongo

Mofongo is a ball-shaped dish of pickled, fried, and then smashed plantains that are flavored with salt, garlic and oil in a wooden pilón. It is a Puerto Rican staple and it is usually served alongside a hearty stew or broth.


Khichuri, which is also called Khichdi, is an ancient Indian comfort dish made from rice and lentils that is usually prepared in one pot. 


Rich, vibrant, and nourishing, Valencians take their paella,a rice dish topped with seafood, seriously. It is Spain’s best-known culinary export, after all.


Germany’s most widely valued culinary contribution, bratwursts are thick German-style sausages that are frequently paired with stewed sauerkraut and a tall, cool beer.

6.America-Grilled cheese sandwiches

The simple comfort known as the grilled cheese sandwich can come dressed up or natural — just as long as it comes with a side of tomato soup for dunking.


Congee is a soothing type of rice porridge that is extensively cooked that the individual grains of rice coalesce into an almost homogeneous base. It is popular in many East Asian countries.

4.Australia-Sausage rolls

These are Australian favorites. Sausage rolls are the larger, heartier, and more sophisticated version of pigs-in-a-blanket.

3.Italy-Spaghetti alla carbonara

Originally from the region of Lazio, this decadent spaghetti is a creamy mix of crispy bacon, olive oil, fatty egg yolk, and nutty Parmesan cheese.


Chilaquiles, translated into “in a sauce of chiles” from Nahuatl — is a dish consisting of heaps of crisp tortilla triangles tossed in a pan with salsa, and then piled with crumbled cheese and crema. Even better, chilaquiles are often enjoyed for breakfast .

1.Japan-Ramen noodles

From the instant packs found in every American college dorm to the Michelin-star winning joint in Tokyo, Japan, ramen has developed into a global obsession.