15 Kardashians Rules for Every Show

The most famous family in the world, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is not in vain the most followed in the world. They are in the public eye all the time and are followed for the slightest gesture they make.

Behind everything you see in Keeping Up with the Kardashians hides tedious and wild rules and routines to the point of insanity.

More important than anything else for the Kardashian-Jenner clan is to be realistic and have to realize it at any cost.

1. Everyone should agree that Kim is paid more than anyone.

2. Everyone must sign contracts in advance.

3. Kris Jenner is every day with combed hair and professional make up.

4. The most important rule: lighting! When they shoot Chris, the light should be almost dazzling!

5. Kim spends two hours every day painting.

6. Children’s nannies never appear in any episodes.

7. They shoot 10-12 hours every day.

8. The Kardashian family pays for the holidays you see at KUWTK.

9. What Kim says is right!

10. The interiors are their real homes, but the exteriors are not.

11. If the scenes become too emotional, they intervene to edit them.

12. All staff must be at Kris non stop’s home.

13. Some of the dramas happen really suddenly.

14. Kanye is not required to film.

15. Kids may skip school for the show