15 Weird Phobias You Probably Never Knew Existed

If you thought that you know some weird phobias, think twice because these are the 15 bizarre phobias around.

15. Eisoptrophobia

Eisoptrophobia is a rare phobia, that causes sufferers to be irrationally fearful of mirrors or seeing themselves in a mirror. It can cause people stress and depression.

14. Chorophobia

This is the fear of dancing. So if you are in a nightclub or see people dancing and you feel scared you probably have chorophobia.

13. Geliophobia

Laugh is the greatest positive energy that can make everyone feel better. But for someone being around people who laugh or even laughing itself makes them anxious and dreadful. This is geliophobia.

12. Thalassophobia

This is the fear of ocean or deep, open water. So if we look at the sea some are amazed and others are scared of the unknown it unleashes. This is the fear of things you can’t see and the dark blue deep ads more to the process.

11. Past Life Phobias

There are a lot of people who claim that they remember details from their past or simply believe on reincarnation. One University of Virginia study found that some children who claim to remember their previous lives suffer “unusual” phobias that they say are related to those past lives – and specifically the way they died.

10. Aerophobia

Feeling the fresh air on your skin after a hard day is calming and relaxing. But for some people this is a fear. So blowing or fanning in front of them can cause trigger muscle spasms and intense startle reaction.

9. Heliphobia

This is so rare but so unfortunate. Heliphobia is the fear of sun which can make people feel anxious and scared and severe pain going out in sunlight. They may even experience the fear of bright lights.

8. Ablutophobia

This is the fear of washing or bathing. So this is a phobia that can benefit you because skipping shower can help to preserve natural oils and good bacteria that protect your skin and help to prevent disease. But in the other hand it can not benefit your health and social life if you make it regular.

7. Geniophobia

This is an overwhelming fear of chins. Yes this part of your body is an extremely fear about someone. In the other hand further phobias of seemingly innocent body parts include genuphobia (fear of knees), fear of hands and fear of elbows.

6. Alektorophobia

Fear of chickens. This is something I have to. When I was young I was pecked by a hen and after that whenever I saw a chicken I get anxious and my heart starts beating fast. Other ones even start feeling anxious when they see a dish on the table that contains chicken.

5. Hippopotomonstro – sesquippedaliophobia

This really is a long word as we see and is called for real the fear of long words so whoever came with this name has a sick sense of humor. It’s used for people with “dyslexia” that have a hard time with unusually long words.

4. Zoophobia

Zoophobia is a fear of all animals. This phobia can make people close themselves in home for the fear of encountering any animal on the road. Symptoms are sweating, dizziness, elevated heartbeat, rapid breath.

3. Somniphobia

This is the fear of falling asleep. So a lot of people experience sleep paralysis, including myself. Not being able to move, slowly drifting away and the feeling that you are awake but can’t do anything can lead to this phobia.

2. Ergophobia

Ergophobia is the fear of work. People with ergophobia tend to feel deep stress and anxiety on their the work environment, making them enable to function properly. This anxiety can become severe and cause full panic attacks.

1. Optophobia

This is the most bizarre phobia in this list. Optophobia is the fear of opening one’s eyes. Although the act of opening our eyes is something that few of us ever give thought to, for optophobia this simple, daily act can be a nightmare.