16 Simple Online Business Ideas

The idea of starting your own business is really interesting for some. You may have many ideas coming to your mind but many of them require time, money, and risk.

Other than popular belief, there are in fact different ways to start a business that let you focus less on the costs and more on having it started.

These low-investment business ideas are a great point for starters, bootstrappers, or anyone who has a busy life and want to have their own business without having to leave everything else.

Here are some ideas of business you can start your own with a small budget.

16. Make handmade goods

If you’re extremely artful, selling handmade products could a be a nice ecommerce idea for you to start. You can either choose to make jewelry, frames, or even furniture, and you can make money selling them online. 

If you are into this one you can use platforms like Craigslist so your online shop will allow you have more control and make it less difficult for you to track and fulfill orders. 

15. Enlarge a niche product

If you find an opportunity in a specific niche, you can be on to your next triumphant online business idea. Niche products serve to a specific audience. If it is done in a good way, they may feed a specific community. 

Niches may have a base on industry, demographic, price point, geography, and even more. To be sincere, a niche could be whatever specific enough to target a tiny group of potential buyers. For example: those who own a pet can even breakdown by pet type.

14. Curate subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are concept packages of different products. You can find subscription boxes in every industry, from meal kits and craft snacks to fitness and makeup. You can create subscription boxes for anything you want.

If you choose to create subscription boxes, you will need to work with brands and artisans, purchase and resell their goods. Normally, clients expect to be astonished by what’s is inside the box, though there are some where the customer chooses what they want to get. 

13. Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is when you suggest goods or services by posting it on a blog or social media to your email list, on your web, or any other of your own channels. This way you can earn a bonus every time someone uses your link or code.

You just need to find an affiliate program that matches your interests, personal brand, and target audience.

Once you’ve signed up, start sharing your content. Create social media content, articles, emails, and other content about how great the goods or service you’re boosting are. Don’t overload your viewers with ads, or you risk becoming spamed or tiring. 

12. Launch a podcast

If you think your voice sounds nice, think about recording it for a podcast. A podcast is a special home business idea with numerous profit options, similar to starting your own blog. 

Before statring your podcast you should consider a few things. You should at least have a high quality microphone, a audio recording software and a call recording software.

In order to promote your podcast, think about doing collabs with well known figures as guests on your show. Stimulate listeners to leave comments and share your podcast within their group.

11. Build apps and websites

If you’re a tech nerd, start obtaining some coding skills and start creating. If it’s mobile apps, E-commerce apps, or websites, you can make digital products for sell or as a service provider. 

For example, you can create a Shopify theme template and sell it to those who are looking for an affordable approach to designing their website. You can also work with clients to build websites and apps customized to their particular needs. 

10. Try being an influencer

Influencer marketing has blown up on the marketing scene, and even customers are becoming more and more intelligent, there are still a lot of business opportunities to be had.

Because influencers are now in hot water for being dishonest, there’s been a tendency toward micro-influencers profiles with smaller but more engaged followings.

9. Start a career as a virtual assistant

Are you super organized and love the work behind the scenes? If so, you might be the best person to have a virtual assistant (VA) business. 

A VA helps businessmen, businesses, and executives plan their personal or even professional lives. There’s a huge spectrum of tasks, from meeting scheduling to marketing management and everything else between them. The best news for you is that you can do everything online. 

8. Start a blog

Blogging has come a long way since its establishment. What was than a virtual journal is now transformed into a marketing and even a monetization instrument. 

Either you make money from posting sponsored posts, organizing third-party ads, or giving your products for sale, a blog is a special online business idea you can establish at home. 

The most imortant thing to starting a victorious blog is focusing on creating an engaged, devoted audience. If you start with an audience-centric approach, you’ll encourage a group that believes in you. And if you get trust, you will soon start to take revenue back.

That’s the way Mr. Money Mustache used for starting his famous personal finance blog. What started as a movement has transformed into a successful business that’s earned national media coverage. 

7. Publish your own book

OK lets admit it: you’ve once thought about publishing your own book one day. While seeing your name on a list of bestsellers might seem like a dream, it’s literally not that far out of reach.

It doesn’t matter its type if it’s a romantic novel, a marketing book, or a children’s picture book, there are now a lot of options for satisfyingly self-publishing your work. These may include publishing your writing as an ebook with the Digital Downloads.

6. Flip your thrift store finds

If you are into thrift stores and getting great deals, then one suitable really nice ecommerce business idea is by selling your second-hand gems online.

Your potential client want to purchase nice stuff, but they don’t find themselves digging through old jerseys and braided belts to get their hands on that single astonishing find. Strat taking advantage of this by making yourself a reliable curator who is able to uncover those great vintage pieces for the others who can not.

5. Start teaching an online course

Giving an online course is a small investment business idea for making a great income. All you need to do is put together a video explaining something you’re good at and then post it on your personal website.

Although it needs attempt up front, if you can design a popular, high-value video tutorials, you could make a great sum of money as people continue to pay for your course.

At the begining of your first online course, choose a theme that you know pretty well to teach someone how to do from scratch. This can be anything at all—music , social media marketing, graphic design, you choose it.

Next, you’ll want to take a screencasting app, to record your screen and voice.

4. Start a careet as a freelance writer, designer, or developer

Writers, developers, and designers can start a business based on their talent and knowledge. As a freelancer, you can use your skills for good helping people around the world with their projects and what is most the important making some money.

To find people that need your help, choose freelancing marketplaces, such as Upwork and Fiverr.

We should be clear that Fiverr is somehow different from a traditional job. The name says it all, a lot of the posted jobs give your wallet $5. But the intention is making big money on Fiverr so we should carefully sett up our offers so we can upsell the client for more money.

3. Sell your art online

If you’re a singer, photographer, or painter, there are a lot of ways for you to start an online business and turn your work of art into a source of income with a perfectly designed website.

If painting or photography is your point of force, you can sell your masterpieces as prints, canvases, and framed posters using sites such as Printify or Printful. This is a extraordinery way to turn your art into something that people can take home and decorate their space with. Are you more into music? Than you can sell your beats, songs, samples.

2. Launch a dropshipping store

Think you need a storeroom full of inventory to run your own business? Think of it again! Dropshipping is a great way to establish a business on a budget.

You can waste no time by sourcing a prior item from a provider and having them deal with things like bundling and satisfaction.

This interaction allows you to skirt a great deal of deterrents that may be holding up traffic of you going into business. All the more significantly, it disposes of the danger of discovering there’s no market for your item subsequent to putting in a colossal request with a producer or provider.

1. Start your own clothing line

If you have something related to clothing in mind and a little bit of time , you can start own your clothing company.

If you are already the owner of a Shopify store, you can start your own clothing line using Oberlo, Printify, Printful. Each instinctivlly links your store to different clothing printers and clothing manufacturers. They additionally handle each progression of the retail satisfaction measure for you, giving you the opportunity to plan and transport a wide scope of pieces directly out of the door.