17 Bizarre Phobias You May Have Never Heard Of

A phobia is an illogical fear of an object, situation or creature. Fear is the natural response to danger. But it the other hand phobias often happen in response to something unexpected to cause real harm.

While we have heard of common phobias, like the fear of heights or the fear of spiders , there are also a lot of strange and bizarre phobias.Here is a list of 21 irrational fears you may have never heard of.

17. Phobophobia

Phobophobia is a fear of phobias. This can be described as an anxiety, where a person goes around in a circle of anxiety from having fear of fear.

Phobophobia is often diagnosed together  with other types of phobias and is often associated with anxiety. People with phobophobia will often be away of social situations or other situations that will lead to anxiety. When it is extreme, it can considerably interfere with each individual’s life.

16. Deipnophobia

Deipnophobia is a fear of having dinner with other people. This is often shown as a fear of dinner parties and may trunk from a fear of dinner talks or having to make a conversation while eating. In many cases, deipnophobia is related to some traumatic events from an individual’s past, such as being bullied as a child for the way they ate or for not behaving properly at the dinner table.

The fear of dining with others may be related to a fear of being bullied for the way a person eats. A person with deipnophobia may avoid eating with others. These people tend to eat alone or eat in silence if they are with others.

15. Eisoptrophobia

Eisoptrophobia or spectrophobia or catoptrophobia is a fear of mirrors. People with fear of mirrors can’t look themselves in a mirror. When it is extreme, people may have fear of any other reflective surface.

This fear may derive from superstitions about mirrors. This means that, a person may be afraid of breaking a mirror believing that it will cause them bad luck. Others may be afraid of that seeing something paranormal in a mirror, like a ghost.

Sometimes, eisoptrophobia comes from low self-esteem, where a person is insecure of their physical appearance and so does not like to see it in a mirror. Sometimes, it can derive to huge problems such as depression.

14. Decidophobia

Decidophobia is the fear of making decisions. Having to make a decision is impossible for someone with decidophobia, as they do not believe their own opinions. A person with decidophobia may absurdly rely on others opinions. They may also rely on other  sources, such as astrology, for an advice. Decidophobia may part of a bigger mental health disorder known as dependent personality disorder. The mayor symptom of this disorder is asking others to decide for you.

13. Ergophobia

The fear of working is called Ergophobia. People with ergophobia tend to have maximal anxieties on their work environment. Some can have a fear of manual jobs or the act of working. There are others who can have a fear of searching and finding a job. All of these are classified as ergophobia.

The fear of work leads to anxiety attacks and this prevents a person from functioning professionally. It can have such a huge impact on a person’s life, as job is the most important thing to have a good life.

Ergophobia is related to some other special fears such as social phobia, fear of public speaking or fear of criticism.

12. Vestiphobia

Vestiphobia is a fear of wearing clothes. For many people, this manifests as a fear of a specific clothes. Others,may fear wearing tight-fitting clothes because they feel restrained. In severe cases, it comes as a fear of all clothing.

Vestiphobia can come from an allergy to some type of fabric or from a trauma associated with a specific cloth. There are cases where soldiers have a fear of military clothing.

11. Chaetophobia

The fear of hair is called Chaetophobia. This can differ from a fear of a person’s own hair to other’s hair or sometimes of animal hair. People with this phobia might be afraid of hairs falling on the ground, or even brushing their own hair. They totally avoid situations of hair being touched from others and sometimes find it impossible to have their hair cut.

This phobia may come from a trauma associated with hair. Some times may be a bad haircut or hair loss, or going bald. Sometimes it may be caused by someone believing that hair is something dirty and not wanting to come into contact with it.

Other phobias are trichophobia and trichopathophobia. Trichophobia is the fear of hair loss, such as hair that has fallen out. Trichopathophobia is the fear of hair diseases, like a change in hair color or going bald.

10. Pogonophobia

Pogonophobia is a fear of beards. This usually comes from a big incident with a person who has a beard. It also comes from a person thinking that the beard hides a part of someone’s face.

People with pogonophobia will always be away of people with beards and may feel anxious looking at a picture of a bearded person. They usually will not accept someone who has a beard in their social circle and will feel nervous talking to someone who has a beard.

9. Omphalophobia

Omphalophobia is a fear of belly buttons. People with it always avoid seeing or touching belly buttons or even their own. They can put a bandage over their belly button to avoid seeing it. Sometimes they could avoid going to the beach because their belly button is shown off.

8. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is a fear of long words, even though the word describing this fear is the longest in the dictionary. This phobia could also be named as  sesquipedalophobia. This phobia comes from being embarrassed by pronouncing words incorrectly. This may come while reading out loud the class since childhood. This is also present at people with dyslexia.

7. Optophobia

Optophobia is a fear of opening someone’s eyes. This fear can be exceedingly tiring, as it is hard for anyone to be active daily without opening their eyes. People with optophobia always like staying indoors or in dark places. This phobia is often associated with a generalized anxiety disorder. Like a lot of other phobias, this fear comes as the result of a trauma.

6. Octophobia

The fear of the number eight is also called Octophobia. What is more interesting is that there other phobias to other numbers. There is also the fear of numbers themselves or else known as arithmophobia and the fear of the number thirteen called triskaidekaphobia. Octophobia is not only the fear of the symbol that represents the nr 8 but it is also the fear of objects in groups of eight.

The fear of the number 8 comes as nr 8 is similar the infinity symbol. Like all the other phobias it may come from a traumatic event including the number eight, such as an accident that has happened on 8th day  of a month.

5. Ablutophobia

Ablutophobia is a fear of bathing or washing oneself. This phobia is more often in kids and fades with age, but sometimes it is even present in adults. People with it avoid baths and shows and this leads to an unpleasant body smell and sometimes because of it to social isolation.

Ablutophobia may come from a trauma including water, or a person having fear of getting wet. Sometimes this phobia is related to aquaphobia, which is the fear of water itself.

4. Xanthophobia

Xanthophobia is a fear of yellow. People with xanthophobia are also afraid of any yellow including school buses and flowers. People with this phobia are always away from yellow. This phobia interferes with daily life, as yellow is a color that is found everywhere.

3. Plutophobia

All people love the idea of having more money, but not those with plutophobia. This is the fear of money or wealth. People with it are afraid of becoming wealthy or having a wealthy people around.

People with this fear leave their career which prevents them from making money or becoming wealthy. The fear of becoming wealthy may derive from the fear of the responsibilities or delusions of being robbed all the time.

2. Nomophobia

Nomophobia is the fear of being without your mobile phone. People with nomophobia experience anxiety crisis about not having their, the battery being low or their phone being out of service. Sometimes not being able to use their phone makes people experience nomophobia so they become panicked anxious.

This phobia usually present to those who are mobile phone addicted. People with this phobia are obsessed with checking their phone all day long. In some surveys made the nr of people experiencing anxiety because of not having their phone around is almost 9–77% of the survey group. Nomophobia can be added to the fifth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).

1. Arachibutyrophobia

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking on someone’s palate. This may have happened to everyone at one point but people with arachibutyrophobia are exceedingly afraid of it. The severity of this phobia varies from person to person. Some may be able to eat small amounts of peanut butter but others avoid eating peanut butter or anything else that has the consistency of peanut butter .

Arachibutyrophobia can derive from a greater phobia of sticky things or sometimes from the fear of choking. It may derive from an incident with peanut butter such as choking or being allergic from it too.