20+ Weird Food Facts that You May Have Never Heard About

20+ Weird Food Facts that You May Have Never Heard About

Food facts are not something you really think about when eating your favorite meal, but we do! Here are some interesting and crazy facts about food that you probably never heard:

1. Most supermarket wasabi is actually horseradish. Real wasabi is challenging to make and expensive.

2. One fast food burger can have meat from 100 different cows.

3. Ketchup used to be used as a medicine. Back in the early 1800’s, people thought tomatoes had medicinal qualities.

4. White chocolate isn’t chocolate. It’s really just a mixture of sugar, milk, vanilla, lecithin, and cocoa butter.

5. Farmed salmon is dyed pink. Wild salmon is naturally pink because of all the shrimp they eat. Meanwhile, farm-raised salmon have a different diet, and end up being white. They are fed specific plant pigments to get the same color of wild salmon.

6. The red food dye for Skittles is made from boiled beetles. Creepy!

7. Crackers are worse for your teeth than sugar. Acid is the biggest cause of tooth decay, not sugar!

8. Peppers don’t actually burn your mouth. There’s a chemical in chili peppers called capsaicin that tricks your mouth to feeling like its being burned.

9. Grapes will explode if you put them in the microwave.

10. Carrots were originally purple.

11. Honey will never ever go bad.

12. The Aztecs used chocolate as currency.

13. In fact, bananas are technically berries — and strawberries are not. To be considered a berry in the botanical sense, the fruit must come from one flower with one ovary and typically have several seeds.

14. Raw oysters are still alive when you eat them.

15. Cheese is the most stolen food in the world.

16. One in four hazelnuts in the whole world ends up in Nutella.

17. McDonald’s sells 2.5 billion hamburgers every year. That equates to 75 McDonald’s hamburgers sold every second, every day, or 6.5 million hamburgers each day!

18. Thomas Jefferson made pasta popular in the U.S. Thomas Jefferson is responsible for bringing the first macaroni machine over to the U.S. after spending time in France. He was also the one who introduced mac and cheese to Americans!

19. Bad eggs will float.

20. Humans DNA is 60% the same as bananas.

21. India produces, consumes, and exports the most chili peppers in the world.

22. India has the lowest meat consumption in the world.

23. Eskimos use refrigerators to stop their food from freezing in the outside.

24. Australians eat the most meat.

25. Americans eat millions of pounds of peanut butter. 26. There are more Indian restaurants in London than in Mumbai or Delhi.