2021’s Firework Shows Around the World

A lot of countries around the world said goodbye to 2020 some days ago. There were a lot of celebrations as millions stayed home because of the COVID situation, but the new year still carries high hopes.

Even though people were not waiting for the New Year in city squares like always this year because of the pandemic they chose to stay home and watch the Firework Shows on their houses. Skies were colorful this NEW YEAR like always.

So if you are curious about the celebrations of this year around the world, have a look below.

New York City, US

Times Square could not be emptier on the New Year’s Eve as the clock struck midnight in New York City. Even though the New Year’s gathering spot was closed to the public, pop stars including Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez performed as part of the festivities.

London, England

Fireworks show at the large Ferris wheel is a normal sight to see, but the show was canceled due to COVID restrictions in the British capital.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow’s Red Square was almost empty as fireworks exploded near the Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower during New Year’s celebrations. Though the traditional display remained, bars, restaurants and skating rinks in the Russian capital closed before 12:00.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The fireworks show at the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the world’s tallest building, in Dubai was once again a sight to watch. Only a few spectators were present to see the 8-minute display due to strict anti-COVID measures in the Emirati capital.

Sydney, Australia

A 12-minute fireworks show lit up Sydney Harbor behind the famous opera house. But the attraction was only seen by a few dozen people amid a new COVID-19 outbreak in Australia’s largest city.

South Korea

South Korea did not allow social gatherings of more than five people and closed down tourist resorts until January 3 to help bring a recent coronavirus resurgence under control. Celebrations were forced to go online.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok celebrated with a large fireworks display after a year that saw large protests against the king, who spent much of the pandemic in Germany.