25 Most Beautiful Destinations to Visit According to Tripadvisor

Have you already started planning a trip for this year, or are you still in the watch and wait stage?

While many of us are still wondering what to do, the world’s largest travel platform Tripadvisor, just released its annual Best Destinations to Visit. So if you have not decided yet we suggest you to have a look at the list below. We made it sure to leave you breathless.

25. Cusco, Peru

24. Jaipur, India

23. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

22. New York City, New York

21. Lisbon, Portugal

20. Tenerife, Canary Islands

19. Dominican Republic

18. Florence, Italy

17. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

16. Cancun, Mexico

15. New Dehli, India

14. Phuket, Thailand

13. Marrakech, Morocco

12. Siem Reap, Cambodia

11. Hoi An, Vietnam

10. Istanbul, Turkey

9. Barcelona, Spain

8. Bangkok, Thailand

7. Crete, Greece

6. Hanoi, Vietnam

5. Paris, France

4. Rome, Italy

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2. London, United Kingdom

1. Bali, Indonesia