5 Buildings in Unique Shape That Will Transform 2021

Million of projects are made for buildings and creating something new. Even in this pandemic situation these building ideas are made to fill the spirit and souls of art and architecture.

These are the most anticipated buildings opening or completing in 2021!

5. Hotel Green Solution House (GSH), Rønne

This hotel is located wonderfully on Strandvejen in Rønne – in the middle of the city, the forest and the beach. If your are environmentally conscious then you should consider living at Green Solution House. It’s a place that embraces you with the beauty of nature and not only that! You can enjoy delicious foods, rooms and great service.

The suncells create power to the hotel. Plants, curtains and carpets clean the air. The windows maximize the influx of light. Algae cleans the sewage water. The trash from the kitchen is being converted to mulch that can be used in the hotels vegetable garden. So it’s something unique and helps the world we live in!

4. House of Hungarian Music, Budapest

These building is designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto in a natural setting beside Városliget Lake in Budapest’s largest park. In 2014 Fujimoto won a competition for the scheme design for a “modern and extravagant home for music” when he got the inspiration mixing nature and musical world.

The building wants to present the country’s rich musical traditions, but in the other side lures park visitors into the public facilities at ground level, where a largely translucent design helps distinguish between inside and out.

The roof is perforated with lightwells to create a natural, illuminated interior further lit by a wrapped glazed façade. The scheme’s light, open, airy interior and program are inspired by the motto of Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály, – “Let music belong to everyone!”

3. Aquarela, Quito

The architect Jean Nouvel’s recently designed residential development, Aquarela, in Quito, Ecuador is under construction. It has nine-story structures and large balconies that give you a different vibe.

Located in a sector surrounded by green areas and large squares, strategically located and easily accessible, within the best residential area of the Cumbayá Valley it’s the perfect reason why this design is so astonishing. The interior space is characterized by large glass windows, tall slatted wooden shutters, and open spaces.

2. Far Rockaway Library, New York

The new Far Rockaway Library will replace the existing library building, while also doubling the area of library spaces. It is located at the intersection of Mott and Central Avenues in Far Rockaway, among the more dynamic and diverse communities in the borough of Queens.

The massing is a simple volume clad in fritted, colored glass, with a gradient of color reminiscent of the sky off the coast of Long Island. The simple form provides a calm contrast to the visual noise of surroundings. The interior is organized around an inverted pyramidal atrium, which provides the building with daylight, views, and clear circulation routes.

1.Floating Music Hub, São Vincente

Construction is underway on a floating music ‘village’ off the island of São Vicente in Cape Verde that will host music events and performances. These design is made by is designed by Amsterdam-Lagos firm NLÉ and Kunlé Adeyemi, who previously created the Makoko Floating School in Lagos.

The Floating Music Hub is conceived to promote music, dance, art, fashion and other creative industries in Africa and the African diaspora. The three floating vessels, have a multipurpose live performance hall ,a state of the art recording studio and a food & beverage bar  which form a communal cluster around an isolated triangular floating plaza. These building throws a spotlight on the significance of music in Cape Verde, its rich cultural history and its natural environment.