7 Actors Who Have Played James Bond

Agent James Bond coded as 007 is a fictional character created by the British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1952.

In total there have been 26 007 movies created until now, and 7 actors have portrayed James Bond so far.

Take a look at all actors to have played James Bond during the decades:

7- Daniel Craig: 2005–present

On 14 October 2005, Eon Productions and Sony Pictures Entertainment introduced at a press conference in London Daniel Craig as the sixth actor to portray Bond in the 007 series. After Connery’s portrayal of 007, Craig is considered to be the second best for the ladies. “Casino Royale”, “Quantum of Solace”, “Skyfall”, and “Spectre” are the most recent Bond movies of Craig while “No Time To Die” is due to November 11th this year. Everyone’s waiting!

6- Pierce Brosnan: 1994–2004

After Timothy Dalton retired from the Bond role in 1994, Eon turned to the actor they had considered after “A View to a Kill”: Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan’s good looks and charm made him a perfect James Bond. He starred in four successful films – “Golden Eye”, “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “The World is Not Enough”, and “Die Another Day”.

5- Timothy Dalton: 1986–1994

Moore eventually retired as Bond after admitting that he was too old for the part, and passed the role on to Timothy Dalton. Dalton had been considered for the role a few years earlier but they thought he was too young to appropriately portray James Bond at the time. “The Living Daylights” and “License to Kill” are the only 007 movies that Dalton starred in.

4- Roger Moore: 1972–1985

Moore played Bond for seven films – “Live and Let Die”, “The Man With the Golden Gun”, “The Spy Who Loved Me”, “Moonraker”, “For Your Eyes Only”, “Octopussy”, and “A View to Kill”. When Connery couldn’t be convinced to return for the famous role, the producers considered Moore thanks to his extensive time as a TV actor. . He is also the first actor from England to play James Bond in an Eon film. For those who of you don’t know Connery is Scottish and Lazenby is Australian.

3- George Lazenby: 1969

After Sean Connery left the role in 1967 the directors decided to give the role to another actor, George Lazenby. “Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was the only movie that Lazenby ever appeared as 007. Lazenby’s portrayal of James Bond received good critics and a nomination for a Golden Globe.

2- David Niven: 1967

Although modern audiences may be more familiar with Casino Royale as the intense 2006 thriller starring Daniel Craig as 007, there was also a ’60s adaptation of the novel with a less significant perspective. David Niven portrayed James Bond in the 1967 Casino Royale, which is one of the few Bond films that was not produced by Eon.

1- Sean Connery: 1962–1967, 1971 and 1983

Sean Connery was the first actor to portray Bond in film in Dr. No (1962).Connery’s interpretation of the character differed considerably from Fleming’s, being more immoral and cold-blooded than the written version. Connery in the beginning was considered not elegant enough for the role of Bond, but Connery’s sex appeal and charm eventually won him the role, and he went on to play in “Dr. No”, “From Russia With Love”, “Goldfinger”, “Thunderball”, “You Only Live Twice”, “Diamonds are Forever”, and “Never Say Never Again”.