7 Cruel Sports Involving Animals

The definition of sport, is some sort of amusement or a diversion. In some sports people use animals as they entertainment or amusement. So here are 7 cruel sports that involve animals that we are going to talk about.

7. Dog Fighting

It’s a sport where animals are mistreated to a point that they can turn mean and ferocious.

6. Bull Fighting

For this sport are made a lot of protests from animal rights group and fortunately it has given it effect. We are seeing less and less of this cruel activity.

5. Fox Hunting

This sport in England means chasing down the helpless fox and even killing it making the animal terrified to go on its hole.

4. Rodeo Riding

This is still going even though several regulations in the interests of preventing animal cruelty are now in place.

3. Hare Coursing

Thankfully, this sport is completely outlawed. This activity involves dogs chasing hares. If you are so curious to watch animal chase you can watch Discovery Channel!

2. Circus

Circuses make captive environments for animals that are then made to perform strange acts contrary to their own will. In the process of training are used whips, rods, hooks and even electric prods.

1. Orangutan Boxing

This bizarre form of sport entertainment happens in Thailand, which actually puts the apes in a boxing ring with gloves on.