7 Fashion Trends of the Past That Made a Comeback

Fashion trends make their comeback quite often. Fashioners draw their motivation from the earlier many years and interpret the trends in a new way. Fashion of today is mixed with the distinctive features of other areas when everyone can have a chance to find something they like.

We are talking about the main fashion trends of today that made a comeback from the past.

7. Pilgrim Collar

Pilgrim collar is a main trend fashion in 2021. This fashion item was used at the beginning of the 20th century and in the 1980s. Now you can combine it with jeans or a sweater not only with dresses. Is your style, your choice!

6. Bob Haircut

During the 1920s, a lot of women would cut their long hair. The most famous haircut was when hair reached the earlobe. This well known hair style could be with fringe or without it, wavy or with curls. Very much like 100 years ago, all kind of bobs are well known again.

5. Bright monochromatic suits

The style of the 1970s had many colors. The monochromatic suit was an absolute necessity have for any fashionable individual who truly adored wearing them with turtlenecks. In 2021, these suits made their comeback again. Green is the most loved color.

4. Dresses with floral and berry prints

The 1950s and 1960s-style dresses are currently popular among celebrities that impact the fashion world. Highlights of these dresses are the feminine silhouette, floral prints and bright colors. For example, model and designer Harley Viera-Newton truly enjoys cherry prints.

3. Baggy Pants

During the 2000s, hip-bounce culture was truly famous, so young people started wearing loose jeans with short tops and T-shirts. Street fashion of 2021 helps us to remember that time. Baggy pants are popular again.

2. Jelly Lips

Matte lipstick has been used by a lot of fashionable ladies those recent years. But some people are tired of these textures, so in 2021, glossy lips and jelly lips are returning. In the other hand, matte lips are not an enemy of pattern, they are simply another option.

1. Corset

Corsets became popular thanks to Madonna in 1980s when they was not considered just underwear but a fully-fledged piece of clothing. They vanished for a bit and came back again in the 2000s. Now in 2021 this trend is popular once again when you can wear a beautiful corset with jeans.