7 Improvised Movie Scenes

Some memorable scenes in movies are totally improvised  and the audience can’t make a difference if they are real or not. Sometimes actors fit in the role so perfectly becoming the character that they are playing. It effects them emotionally and physically which shows on the screen and the result is creating a great movie. So scroll down and read some of this scenes which will leave you in shock.

7 . Steve Carell- “The 40 Year-Old-Virgin”

The famous chest waxing scene in the movie was not improvised at all. Every shout and scream was geniuly true and it came from his heart. Since it was his first time doing that he wanted to make it seem real and it totally shows if you watch that scene.

6. Viggo Mortensen – The Lord of the Rings

Viggo played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings show. It was a scene when he screamed in pain and kicked his helmet with all he got. Everyone was left in shock to find out in the end that the actor broke his toe during the scene. Great acting for sure!

5. Joseph Gordon- 50/50

Joseph role character in this movie was a cancer sufferer. It was a crazy scene that wasn’t scripted at all when he just took the electrical razor and shaved his entire head. It only took one scene and everything was breathtaking and shocking for the audience.

4. Harrison Ford- Raiders of the Lost Arc

He played the famous role of Indiana Jones in the movie when a serious scene turned out to be a comedy. He was supposed to shoot a sword fight with an Indian so when the audience was waiting for the memorable fight to happen he just took his gun from his pocket and shut him dead on the spot. He had a stomach ache that day from food poisoning which made him change the entire script. Well we got to admit that it was a scene when everyone laughed!

3. Edward Norton- Fight Club

We see a scene when Brad Pitt flinches and screams when Edwart Norton hits him on the ear. Everyone would say that it was a great reaction from him but in reality the reaction  was all true and not improvised. Edward hit Brad for real and the scene was shot on the spot.

2. Ryan Gosling- Crazy, Stupid, Love

The memorable scene in The Dirty Dance movie when the actress is lifted totally over the head is a remake in this movie. Gosling and Emma, soaked from the rain when he takes his shirt off and lifts her on the spot is an improvised scene who is totally worth it.

1. Leonardo Di Caprio – Django Unchained

Leo furiously takes a glass and smashes it on the table. Blood starts dripping and his eyes are filled with anger, not a sign of pain or shock. It was his real blood because he accidentally cut himself. And he kept going till the end even wiping his hand on another actor’s face when it totally shows his great acting and composer. Big applause for Leo in this one!