7 Most Important Ear Piercing Trends for 2022!

It’s time to schedule an appointment with your local piercer; whether you prefer the “constellation” look on your earlobe or prefer dainty gemstones along the outer rim, all types of ear piercings are trendy right now, with an option for every aesthetic.

Last December 31st, I went to my local tattoo parlor. People were filling in or touching up their ink all around me, but I kept going past the buzzing needles — straight to the back, where the piercer works. After a difficult year, I was ready for some body modification to commemorate the difficulties and symbolize the transition into 2022. What I didn’t realize when I asked for a third lobe piercing to add to my hoops collection was that my bright idea coincided with a wide new piercing trend.

More and more customers are requesting “milestone piercings,” according to Alaina Rothstein, cofounder of Los Angeles ear piercing service Leo West. Rothstein has seen mothers and daughters come in for birthday piercing; she knows of a woman who miscarried and got a stud to remind her of the loss. “It’s a fun, really lovely way to carry something special with you in happy and sad times,” she says. “I think it’s really cool that it’s been translated [from the tattoo world] into the piercing world.”

Birthdays, bachelorette parties, and groups of friends have all come in to celebrate with our piercers. But, more specifically, what trends are they attempting? In other words, which parts of the ear are currently receiving the most adornment?

Constellation Piercings

Stacked Lobes

Vertical Stacks

Forward Helix



Outer Conch