7 People Who Didn’t Expect To Become Top Hollywood Celebrities

Being a celebrity means that you have to work really hard and overcome a lot of hardships during the way. Some people had their purpose in life to become a big star someday but other people became thanks to a chance meeting that turned their lives upside down. I mean that doesn’t mean they didn’t have talent but they figured it out during the road.

So here are 7 people who found fame by accident and didn’t expect to become top Hollywood celebrities. They for sure reached the TOP!

7. Justin Bieber

Justin’s childhood was pretty ordinary and changed overnight like magic. Her mother raised him by herself, worked more than one job to keep him safe and healthy. After he performed on a talent show when he was 12 years old her mother felt so proud that she took a video of him and uploaded on the YouTube. Producer Scooter Braun saw the video and didn’t have a single doubt that pretty soon the boy would become what everyone was talking about.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

When she was 14 years old on a vacation family time, Jennifer was noticed by a casting agency. The agent approached the family took permission to take a photo of her and wrote down her number. He called her the next day and invited Jennifer for her first acting audition.

5. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum used to work as a stripper but this wasn’t the only daring job he used to do. He also worked as a builder, an assistant in a vet clinic, and a shop salesman. This routine changed when an agent saw him walking on Miami Beach and offered him a job to work as a model.

4. Johnny Depp

Johnny used to be a rebel guy when he was sure that he was going to be a rock star. He performed on bars with his band and even dropped from school because he wanted to dedicate himself more to his music. After some time his wife introduced him to Nicholas Cage who saw Jonny as a promising actor. He introduced him to an agent and now look where he is.

3. Charlize Theron

A good woman yelling to a bank clerk! This situation was witnessed by an agent and the woman who was yelling and caught his attention was Charlize Theron who at that time had problems with her card. She moved to New York becoming a great ballerina dancer but unfortunately she got an injury on her leg that stopped her dream. She was broke when she met that movie agent, which is why she agreed to give an acting career a try.

2. Mel Gibson

Her sister secretly send his resume to an acting studio and a director luckily casted him for a role. But if it wasn’t for her Mel Gibson most likely would be a famous journalist and not an Academy Award nominee. He decided to trust his sister and gave it a try. It was worth it!

1. Ellen Pompeo

Ellen is known for her famous role as Meredith Grey from the tv series Grey’s Anatomy. In 90’s she used to work as a waitress when she was noticed by a fashion photographer. They started dating and moved to New York when she entered the world of show business. She took part in commercials first and then took an audition for “Law & Order”.