7 World’s Most Expensive Restaurants

Put your money where your mouth is. This quote surely tells the truth for guests who are ready to pay the price to dine at these special restaurants. From assembling avant-garde cuisine in Shanghai to underwater dinner restaurant in the Maldives, here we have seven of the most expensive restaurants in the world that offer a dining experience to be remembered for a lifetime. 

7. Ithaa – Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

Five metres below the ocean, Ithaa is the world’s first underwater restaurant that has a panoramic view of coral gardens and marine animals drifting by in the spectacular Maldives.

Their menu is inspired by local tastes combined with a Western blend. Serving dishes like lobster or snow crab, sea scallops and three-mustard-marinated wagyu beef, the whole 7-course dinner will take around $390 from your wallet. This does not include drinks.

6. Guy Savoy de Paris – Paris

Why not do both:a visit to the city of love and a trip to Guy Savoy? Demonstrating the best of French cuisine, the award-winning chef has two well known restaurants. One of them is located in Monnaire de Paris and the other in Las Vegas.

A 13-course meal without the drinks will cost almost €478.00 per person. To fire up the appetite, dishes consist of iced poached oysters, caviar with smoked sabayon, marmite of braised duck foie gras and fondant carrot with carrot scales.

5. Kitcho Arashiyama – Kyoto, Japan

Kitcho Arashiyama is the place you can find a modernised way of the Japanese traditional flavours. Kitcho Arashiyama serves kaiseki cuisine which is a Japanese way of dining. It involves a sequence of courses determined by seasonal foods from the land and the sea. The prices range from $380 to $570, this family run restaurant has evolved to a three Michelin star restaurant with four other establishments under the belt.

4. Ultraviolet – Shanghai, China

It’s very difficult to reserve at Ultraviolet so to be one of 10 guests to dine here is an attainment in itself. Else known as the first experiential eatery in the world, French chef Paul Pairet had this concept planned for 15 years before opening the doors to the public in 2012.

With the $570 USD price tag, the dining room itself may seem dangerously sharp to begin with: a table in the middle and blank walls with no lavish furniture in sight. But this is not a usual dinner. Watch as technology transforms the room into a kaleidoscope of simulated scenes using the projected lights, smells and sounds to enhance each of the 20 courses served.

3. Masa – New York City

Omakase is a Japanese word that means to trust the chef and in the case of Masa, Omakase is the only choice since there is no à la carte menu. Three Michelin-starred chef Masa Takayama at first trained at the legendary Ginza Sushiko in Tokyo. Than moved to the States to start his own venture.

Located in the Time Warner Center, the hustle and bustle of Manhattan is swiftly silenced as guests find themselves at the sushi bar . Coming in at $595 USD per person without drinks, Masa is often seen as the most expensive restaurant in America. Reservations are done three weeks in advance and menus change on a daily basis depending on the seasonal specialities available.

2. Osteria Francescana – Modena, Italy

A 12-course menu traditional Italian gastronomy with grandiloquent contemporary flavours? That would be lovely. Classified as the best restaurant in the world (2016, 2018) Osteria Francescana is located in the quiet town of Modena but it surely makes enough noise to attract an worldwide audience.

It’s Italian chef, Massimo Bottura mixes regional influences with a current twist. A quick look at the à la carte menu shows a varying mix of traditional and modern cooking with dishes such as the famous ‘five ages of Parmigiano Reggiano in different textures and temperatures’ to the refreshingly honest ‘we are still deciding what fish to serve!’ There is also an option of a tasting menu for €290 with an additional wine taste that has a cost of €190.

1. Sublimotion – Ibiza

Owned by two Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero, this 12-seat restaurant is on top of the list as the world’s most expensive restaurant at €1,500 per person. Located in Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel, Sublimotion serves diners a feast for the senses with a 20-course dinner.

With fashion composers and a Spanish illusionist entertaining between meals, visitors are part of a multi-sensory culinary experience with DJ sets to a theatrical show travelling through time and space. The dining room takes flight from a VR-simulated aeroplane before the scene dramatically shifts to an underwater experience.