8 Best Travel Destinations to Choose this June

 June brings about the official start of the summer season and this year we are more excited than ever for the vacations. As more and more countries start to open their borders, we are slowly planning international travel, whether it’s visiting the beaches of Crete or hiking to gorilla sanctuaries in Rwanda. If you simply need an excuse to clear your head—here are the 8 best places to travel in June.

8. Provence, France

June is a superb month to visit the country, as the climate is close awesome and the late spring swarms still can’t seem to plummet upon the urban areas and sea shores. However, the best reason to visit France this season? Lavender. Mid-June denotes the beginning of the blossoming season for lavender in Provence, which keeps on sprouting into the more jam-packed a very long time of July and August. Fill your phone gallery with purple photographs.

7.Portland, Maine

Each summer, this foodie paradise on the southern coast of Maine organizes Portland Wine Week and this year it is held from June 14 to 20. The week features a packed lineup of tasting seminars, food pairings, and special boat happy hours celebrating women winemakers. Pick up some blueberry pie or oysters from one of the city’s many restaurants, then take a walk past historic homes and funky boutiques.


Croatia is now open to fully vaccinated travelers and the weather across the country is perfect during the start of summer, which means you can wander around Dubrovnik’s Old Town without sweating through your clothes.In Istria, a peninsula shared by Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy, you can check out some new luxury hotels, like San Canzian.


Rwanda is still one of the best places to travel in June, even during the pandemics. At the moment ,Americans are allowed to visit the country, if they provide a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival and quarantine until results from a second test, taken at the Kigali airport, are available. The main reason tourists visit the country is gorilla trekking. Obtain a permit to enter Volcanoes National Park, where you can spot some of the world’s remaining 880 mountain gorillas.

4.Machu Picchu

Clear skies and comfortable daytime temperatures in the 60s make June a great time to visit this former Incan city. Machu Picchu enters its high season in June (one of several winter months in the Southern Hemisphere), so you’ll likely encounter other tourists during your visit. But the crowds haven’t reached their peak yet this early in Peru’s winter season. Plan on reaching this archaeological wonder by train, or hike the famous four-day Inca Trail if you’re feeling adventurous. Remember to purchase your timed entry ticket months in advance to ensure availability.

3.Crete, Greece

Greece is open to vaccinated travelers since May 14, which has us dreaming of a Mediterranean summer. All the better if that summer can be spent on the island of Crete, known for its crystalline water. For one of the best of the best beaches, head to Chania. Here you’ll find spots like Balos, with its incredibly clear water; and Elafonisi, a pink-sand wonderland.

2.San Miguel de Allende

Those who want to travel outside the U.S. while sticking to a tight budget should consider visiting San Miguel de Allende in June. The Mexican city’s rainy season starts in June, but travelers who come at this time will discover affordable hotel prices and warm temperatures perfect for wandering around El Jardín. Save time for admiring San Miguel’s stunning architecture.

1.Portofino, Italy

Italy will open up to foreign visitors before June. If you want to whisk yourself away to a dreamy Italian vacation town, why not go for the much beloved Portofino. The newly refinished surroundings offer the best of the best when it comes to the cinematic beauty of the Italian Riviera, as well as a brand new restaurant and curated experiences.