8 Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever Worn!

Well wedding day is something special and unforgettable. We spent time and effort into decoration and of course the wedding dress! Every bride wants to shine, be special and unique. But sometimes are some cases when they have taken unique too far. Here are some wedding dress ideas that are a little over the top!

8. Balloon Dress

We can totally see how her imagination is on fire in this one! I mean a dress made with tiny beautiful balloons. But please don’t hug her tightly!

7. The Flower Dress

Flowers are needed on this occasion and the bride made sure to put it all on her wedding dress. I mean she loves colors and don’t forget about the flowers please!

6. The Cake Wedding Dress

So you want a dress made of cake when everything starts to melt and you end up eating it? Please let the cake be on a plate! Do it for us.

5. Paper Wedding Dress

Fashion sometimes is about saving earth and recycling, so paper is a good idea to put it on a dress and wear it on your big day. It can even help you read some news if you are bored.

4. The Tentacle Dress

Well this dress isn’t the worse in these category. She could have chosen the mermaid Ariel but who cares. She wants tentacles? Tentacle she will have!

3. Maternity Wedding Dress

This “Peek a Boo” dress choice is hilarious. I mean we all think being modern and thinking out of the box is a great idea but sometimes this is the example when people go too far!  

2. Dress that “Flatters” Your Curves

This is the perfect dress that can make your sandwich that you ate for lunch sad because this dress floats you enough. In this wild competition the dress wins!

1. Diaper Dress

Sure it is a lot cheaper that other dresses but these diapers express a lot of things. She sure is a committed mother even on her wedding day!