8 Celebrities You Didn’t Know That Are Twins

Stars…Times Two! You probably had no idea that these celebrities have twin siblings:

8- Aaron Carter and Angel Carter

These two twins grew up with a famous older brother, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys! Eventually, Aaron Carter followed his brother’s footsteps and stared a singing career.

7- Shawn Ashmore & Aaron Ashmore

This is another case of two brothers who are both actors and have been confusing fans for years. Shawn Ashmore might be better known for his role as Iceman in the X-Men films, but Aaron Ashmore has also worked consistently on well known TV shows.

6- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

This one isn’t exactly surprising as these two are probably the most famous twins on the planet. The twins are protagonists of some of the most famous teenage movies of the 90’s, and are known for their sense of style.

5- Rami and Sami Malek

Mr Robot star Rami Malek became the first minority actor in the past two decades to win the Emmy award for best leading actor. He also has a twin brother named Sami, who works in Los Angeles as a teacher.

4- Vin Diesel & Paul Vincent

Few people know Vin Diesel whose real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent has a non identical twin brother who is also in the entertainment industry. Paul Vincent doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, but one thing is for sure, he has more way hair than his brother Vin.

3- Ashton Kutcher and Michael Kutcher

The actor’s twin brother, Michael Kutcher, has cerebral palsy, and also had a heart transplant when he was a teenager. He’s in better health now, and has become an advocate for organ donation and disability rights.

2- Gisele Bundchen & Patricia Bundchen

Brazilian supermodel Gisele and her twin Gabriela obviously share the same incredible genes. However, only Gisele entered the fashion industry, immediately becoming the world’s highest-paid supermodel.

1- Scarlett Johansson & Hunter Johansson

She may be three minutes older, but Scarlet’s twin brother Hunter is way much taller than his superstar sister. The actress’ brother has acted in the past, but he’s more known for his political work. In 2008, Hunter Johansson worked on President Obama’s campaign.