8 Forbidden Places on Earth You Can Never Visit

Considering the surprising rates of global expansion and technology development, it’s impossible to imagine that there is even a tiny amount of this planet that remains undiscovered or unexplored. However, there are certain places on earth that are totally forbidden for civilians and the security is so high that it is almost impossible to access them.

Might as well leave these ones off your bucket list:

8- Coca-Cola Recipe Vault, United States

The real great American secret can be found in a can of Coca-Cola. The legendary mystery formula is secured under lock and key in a purpose built vault in Atlanta. The map to the world famous elixir is kept in a metal box inside a 6.6-foot-high step vault, which is in turn protected by a barrier. The area has surveillance with armed guards, and the door can only be opened via keypad with hand scanner.

7- Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China

Farmers discovered the tomb of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, in 1974, and archaeologists have since found about 2,000 clay soldiers and predict that there are around 8,000 still uncovered. Despite the revelation, the Chinese government has forbidden archaeologists from touching the central tomb with Qin Shi Huang’s body, which has been closed since 210 B.C.E. The decision is partly to respect the dead, but also from fear that current technology isn’t good enough to excavate without damaging the ancient artifacts.

6- Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Plunging more than 320 feet into a mountain between Norway and the North Pole, the Svalbard Seed Vault holds a massive collection of seeds in a vault designed to withstand man-made and natural disasters. If a major catastrophe happened, the 890,000 preserved seed samples from almost every country in the world would ensure diverse food options. The vault opens its doors just a few times a year, and a limited number of depositors are allowed inside to deliver the seeds to its shelves. It is strongly secured and entering or even coming near it is out of the question.

5- Fort Knox, Kentucky

The Fort Knox vaults, home to most U.S. gold reserves, are considered to be the most heavily protected place on the planet. Not one single soul can make it into the vault, several combinations need to be entered to gain access, and some staff members know just one.

4- Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City

Housed in a heavily protected area of the Vatican are 53 miles of shelves containing documents in connection with the Catholic Church, dating as far back as the eighth century. Some artifacts include a letter from Mary Queen of Scots begging Pop Sixtus V to save her from beheading and documents of Martin Luther’s excommunication.

3- North Sentinel Island, India

On North Sentinel Island, a small island in the Bay of Bengal, lives the most untouched and secret tribe in the world. In fact, the Sentinelese people who live on the island deny communicating with any outsiders, and at times can get very to get violent to protect their isolation. In 2006, the boat of two fishermen drifted to the shallows of North Sentinel Island, where the Sentinelese killed the pair. Since then, there have been other reports of the tribe shooting arrows at passing helicopters. Because the Sentinelese haven’t been in contact with the diseases others have built resistance to, contact with outsiders could prove deadly to the tribe, so the Indian government has agreed to leave them alone, and not bother them.

2- Area 51, Nevada

The hidden military base in the Nevada desert has kept its intentions a secret for quite some time, though many like to believe it’s kept for alien testing. One thing we know for sure attempting to enter the forbidden area would be highly irresponsible, as the grounds are protected by mines and other defenses.

1- Snake Island, Brazil


About 93 miles off the coast of Sao Paulo, you will find Snake Island. Why does it have this name? Researchers estimate there are between one and five snakes here per square meter. The snakes, specifically golden lance heads, are known for their poison, which literally breaks apart flesh around their bites. So maybe it’s not such a bad thing that you’re not allowed to visit Snake Island…