8 Gorgeous People With a Unique Skin Tone

Every person has their own charming features that make them special. All the people described below have attracted the worlds attention thanks to their atypical skin color. They’re surely not ashamed of their uniqueness, and all of them became a real sensation.

8. Lola Chuil

She has more than 435k followers on Instagram even though she has only 39 posts. Lola lives in Los-Angeles, studies in high school, and she can speak 8 different languages. She has a very uncommon form of beauty: coal-black skin and also elegant lips, nose and eyes, which sometimes look like a painting. Lola’s followers compare her to Naomi Campbell, and are sure that she will become a successful top model.

7. Anastasia Zhidkova

Anastasia Zhidkova , considered as the most beautiful albino girl in the world, was born in Russia in 1996. This extraordinary model has changed the face of fashion and the beauty industry in Russia. Anastasia is also a singer and often shares her videos on YouTube.

6. Khoudia Diop

Khoudia Diop is a 19-years-old Senegalese woman .She was noticed by an agency and she was offered work as a model in an agency . Now she has conquered the Internet with her amazing photos, which brought her more than 235,000 followers on Instagram. Khoudia is an inspiration for others to accept their uniqueness : “If you’re lucky to be unlike others, never change!”

5. Ava Clarke

Ava Clarke is an African American albino. With her green-blue eyes ,pink lips and white-blonde hair this girl conquered the world of fashion: her photos have appeared on the pages of some fashion magazines as Vogue, Denim, and VIP. According to doctors, the young woman should’ve gone blind by now. But thanks to the efforts of Ava’s parents, she reads, plays ballet, and has even managed to attract the attention of eminent photographers.

4. Winnie Harlow

Winnie’s abnormal appearance attracted Tyra Banks’ attention(she has vitiligo) . She saw her pictures in Instagram and invited her to be part in the 21st season of America’s Next Top Model. She took 5th place in that competition.
Today Winnie is the face of Desigual casual wear brand in Barcelona, together with the Brazilian model Adriana Lima.

3. Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson, never dreamed of a modeling career. One day, fate pushed him into contact with a photographer that was left speechless by Stephen’s attention .He took a few pictures, and they were printed in a magazine . This is how the story of Thompson’s success began. His photos are now on the pages of some fashion magazines, and he’s in demand for the advertising campaigns of famous brands. The special albino man became the face of the Givenchy fashion house ,in 2011.

2. Nikia Phoenix

Nikia Phoenix, an American model stands out from other people thanks to her natural hair, dark skin and the freckles covering her entire body. The young lady’s appearance was noticed by one member of the Alternative Apparel company, when Nikia went to drink a cup of coffee in a small coffee shop. Since then she has become the public face of advertising campaigns by Coca-Cola and Target.

1. Connie Chiu

And the first one, Connie Chiu was born in Hong Kong. She is the fourth child in a Chinese family but the only one who was born with albinism. Then Connie and her family moved to Sweden, where she grew up. She studied liberal arts and journalism. At the age of 24 she started modeling , and today she’s a jazz singer and a model — she is often invited to perform at major events and in jazz clubs.