8 Ways to Capture a Photo With Your Phone Like a Pro

We all want to save our most important moments in the best way possible with pictures. The good news is that now you don’t need a professional camera or good quality lenses, and editing software to have high-quality photos. With some good tricks, you can improve the quality of your photos.

So we created a list to help you take photos from your smartphone like a pro.

8. Use a mobile tripod for capturing remarkable shots.

If you want to capture a sunset, evening, or objects moving, you must consider buying a tripod. Using a tripod allows you to explore different methods, for example time lapses, long exposures, and may others. Using this method, the photo won’t shake and the composition will be ideal.

7. Start using a CD to create rainbow effect.

To capture a selfie with a rainbow effect, try using a CD. You just have to find a good spot with natural light, and have a CD. Rotate it to find the perfect angle for it to reflect the bright colors on you. Capture the photo and post it on your social media. You wil have a very succesfull post, for sure.

6. Use water as a mirror.

After a rainy day, you may have a chance to take some astonishing pictures by using water as mirrors. What you have to do is rotate your phone vertically, get down low, and put it above the watery surface . This will make a reflection effect.

5. Embrace negative space.

This trick is dedicated to those who are searching for drama in their photos. Negative space will charm the viewers and concentrate the focus on the positive space, or the main person, or object you’re capturing. While taking your photo, remember that this can make your photos stand out more.

4. Use long exposure to create light drawings.

Long exposure is a fast shutter speed that will capture moving objects and transform them into pictures. You can regulate your photo to this mode and let it capture the movement of a busy road or a waterfall, or use fireworks to create designs or write something.

3. Bend backwards to capture tall buildings.

Instead of tcapturing tall buildings from above, try this fun trick. At first, set your phone’s camera into panoramic mode and adjust it to a wide angle. Than stay still facing the building, and then bend over backward while taking the photo. You’ll see how appealing the picture looks with the tall building and just a piece of sky.

2. Use natural light.

This may look like a basic photography hack but the highest quality photos are made in natural light. Try and use natural light as much as you can, especially during the sunset, just after the sun rises or before sunset. Using a flash might decrease the quality of a photo.

1. Look for patterns while capturing photos.

Using patterns is a nice way to create dazzling compositions. They’re satisfying to the eye and they can draw attention to your picture. It could be objects, flowers, or any other pattern. The more natural it is, the better. While taking a photo with your phone, search a good angle to make a nice composition.