A Spider-Man comic book page just sold for $3 million

A pivotal moment in Spider-Man history has just become the most expensive page from a comic book ever sold at auction, thanks to a single page from a Marvel comic.

According to Heritage Auctions, the page depicting Spider-first Man’s time donning the notorious all-black suit earned $3.36 million at auction earlier this week; making it the “world’s most valuable page of original comic book artwork.”
A page from the same comic was sold for $288,000 in another auction. According to Heritage Auctions, the two pages of Spider-Man history sold for a total of $3,648,000.
“Today’s findings confirm what we’ve always believed; comic book art is as revered and precious as anything painted on canvas”; Joe Mannarino, head of Heritage Auctions’ comics and comic art department in New York, said in a statement.

The winning bidder was not revealed by the auction house, but whoever it was knew their Spider-Man history.

The pages were from Marvel’s “Secret Wars”. A crossover series in which beloved heroes battled classic villains on a planet named Battleworld. Spidey meets an alien symbiote — sound familiar? — who gloms onto his conventional red-and-blue armor; which he damaged in fight, in the eighth part of the limited series, released in 1984.
“That blob just stretched out and produced a costume — and in the process melted the shards of my old one!” On the 25th page, Spidey exclaims.
When our web-slinger dons his new suit, though, the symbiote significantly changes his attitude; according to Marvel, he’s no longer a jovial decent guy, but a “vengeance-fueled assassin.”

After the conclusion of “Secret Wars,” Spider-Man splits from the symbiote. Bbut Mister Fantastic himself needs to do some science to remove it off Spidey for good. And the alien goo finds a more suitable host in Eddie Brock, who goes on to become Venom.
The black outfit was also worn by the film version of Spider-Man, however the combination received mixed reviews. Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker wore the symbiote suit and grew snippy with his beloved Mary Jane in “Spider-Man 3”; causing their relationship to suffer. It also swelled his ego to the point where he danced in the streets of Manhattan; an unsettling yet indelible part of cinematic history.