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Silver Topalli, known professionally as Silvi Fort, is an Albanian rapper, songwriter, record producer, and record executive.

His most popular official album “Success Story” came out in 2018 and includes previous successful singles, such as “Artist”, “Inspired”, “Avengers in Adventure”, “Spain” and “Play”. Avengers in Adventure made the biggest impact with more than 1 million views on YouTube. The latest production are focused on Fort lifestyle and the singles “Popay”, “Enjoy Momentin”, “Party”,”Paris”, “Venus” and “Si N`Filma” shows a glimpse of it. 

Money Music Entertainment is the record label founded by Silvi Fort, where he took his first steps as a producer and record executive. 

Outside of his commitment to music, Silvi Fort has also expanded his career as a entrepreneur and showman. Lately, he has started up in the field of media, presenting himself as a showman in his new upcoming program “Gota Show”, a late night show which will be released soon.