Amazon Engineer Creates App to Translate Cat Meows into Human Words

An Amazon engineer is working to get the answer of the question that all cat owners have: What is my cat trying to say?

Javier Sanchez, who chipped away at Amazon’s Alexa, is presently a project manager with the Bellvue, Washington, tech organization Akvelon. Sanchez is at present building up an application called MeowTalk, a creation that vows to make an interpretation of your feline’s vocalizations into something people can comprehend.

“It’s not a language. They don’t share words or communicate with each other. Cats never meow at each other out in nature,” Sanchez told .

Through exploration, Sanchez and his group have discovered that felines regularly have one of nine unique expectations they are attempting to transfer when at that point howl at you, and each message has its own kind of meow.

Utilizing his Alexa experience and this examination, Sanchez is attempting to decode
whimpers into the expressions that felines are attempting to pass on, similar to “I’m hungry ” and “I feel pain.” Cat owners who download the application can record their feline’s howls and afterward get an interpretation of the sound. Pet guardians at that point have the choice to tweak and prepare the application to become familiar with their pet’s exceptional vocalizations. Proprietors are likewise ready to give criticism to Meowtalk on the precision of the application’s interpretations.

MeowTalk is as yet being developed and is consistently being refined and refreshed, however the model is accessible to download now for Apple and Andriod smartphones . Sanchez trusts the application ends up being fruitful and that he and his group can ultimately build up a restraint that deciphers your feline’s howls as they are talking.