Billie Eilish Explains About Her Vegan Lifestyle

In e recent interview with British Vogue Billie talked about her vegan diet. She had a lot of questions from other celebrities and one of them was about her vegan lifestyle.

She said, “I’m vegan and I have been vegan for, damn, 7 years”. Billie explained that after learning about the meat industry she changed her eating habits.

“Once you know that kind of thing and you see it, it’s really hard to go back,”. “And now, even though I have lots of friends that eat dairy and meat and I don’t ever want to tell anybody what to do…”

In the end she said “I just can’t go on in my life knowing what’s going on in the animal world and not doing anything about it,”

She grew up in her neighborhood, Highland Park so becoming vegan wasn’t that hard for Billie. The most important thing is that animals need protection and care. So the awareness around the world should rise about this topic. Shelter them, help them and love them.