Cardi B reveals she had suicidal thoughts!

Cardi B is speaking up about the dismal emotions she had after seeing YouTuber Tasha make claims against her.

The 29-year-old rapper and mother of two traveled to Georgia to speak in court about how Tasha’s comments affected her mental health.

According to a Billboard story based on Cardi’s testimony, she was feeling “very suicidal” and “helpless” as the claims escalated.

Cardi also stated that she experienced exhaustion, anxiety, and migraines as a result of her illness.

Cardi added in her testimony that she had never felt suicidal until Tasha’s statements; and that the videos caused her and her husband Offset to have problems.

“I felt disappointed and depressed,” she testified, “and I didn’t want to sleep with my spouse.”

Tasha was sued by Cardi in 2019 for allegedly using her YouTube channel to “promote damaging rumors, defamatory statements, and false information about celebrities”. All for financial benefit.

Tasha is accused of recording at least 23 videos in 14 months that contained “false and defamatory accusations” about Cardi. Including here claims that she was a prostitute, had herpes, and used narcotics, according to the lawsuit.

She wants Tasha to “delete in full any libelous and derogatory statements,” as well as monetary damages.