Chrissy Teigen Celebrates Six Months of Sobriety!

Chrissy Teigen is having a huge birthday!

The 36-year-old cookbook author took to social media on Wednesday (January 19) to celebrate a major milestone in her sobriety; she has been alcohol-free for six months.

“It’s been six months since I’ve had any drink!” Chrissy said on Instagram; with several photographs of herself posing outside on a balcony. “Honestly sort of stinks saying it because even though I don’t ever crave it now, time hasn’t exactly flown by haha.”

“I probably won’t be excited until I reach a larger milestone, like at least 5 years; and I’m not sure if I’ll ever drink again?” Chrissy went on. “To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing. But I do know a few things: I now have endless energy, significantly less anxiety (no more benzos! ), and I am happier and more present than I have ever been.” It’s a lot of fun.”

“I look forward to having my entire body reset after a year, then reevaluating to see my new aspirations and wishes for the future!” Chrissy said. Let’s get this party started.”

Chrissy has been quite candid with her fans about her decision to stop drinking. She originally acknowledged that she had to make the decision to become clean some months after she was diagnosed with cancer.